May 19, 2008

Music in your Life !!!!!

Aah...sometimes I just imagine what it would be like....without songs..without music.Life would be such a drag.I breathe music.The first thing I do in the morning,is switch my radio on and listen either to the radio stations or my Cd's or tapes.But it has to be there.Its like if you don't brush your teeth,you don't feel fresh.That's what music does to me.

It helps me combat those lonely hours of the day when I have no one to talk to.It transports me to this world of lemon zest freshness,clear blue waters on the ever beautiful sandy beaches.I feel young and alive just thinking about it.

Iam a comfort eater...but have managed to use music as a vent out too.Otherwise I would have been 300 pounds today gulping galaxies and kinders down.

It brings me peace...inner to be specific,calms my nerves and lifts my spirits which do get hammered out of shape from time to time.Everyone needs that private stool in the corner of the the room to sit and reflect on what went wrong..mine is listening to music at such times.

Right now am in the process of recording a Cd full of slow romantic meaningful songs.Just gave mine away to a friend.Chocolates and favourite Cd's are something I never selfish..come on....lets blame it on human nature.I'm really mean..blaming my weakness on humanity.

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