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A Daily Routine !

What is a daily routine like? Many of my friends always ask me what do I do the whole day as I have no kids of my own to run after.And having been around kids and had my own share of experiences of what it is to take care of kids and teens,I always wonder what makes it so busy for mothers who say they hardly find time to breathe around them.Maybe Im wrong..who knows right ! I find it a joy actually taking care of kids,all it requires is a certain discipline I suppose.My mom did,I did...anyways Im here to talk about my routine.

Well,Since Im a housewife...Im the maid,the cook,the wife,the friend,the girlfriend(ahem...romancing !) to my husband,aunty to the rest,tution teacher to the kids and friends to my many roles to play (except the working woman)..hehehehe.....

Besides this...I wake up and give a good solid moment (half an hour) of pause to my body.Not very young anymore ,so have to give a little rest to my loose back.

Then its all about what to cook.Every housewife and cook I guess wonders every morning what has to be cooked for the day.Had lentils yesterday,so lets cook this veggie,or not this one and not that......It drives me crazy.I tend to call my husband and ask sometimes what would you like to eat.Rarely it will be like make this specifically,most of the time it goes like,"Cook whatever you want rey,Iam busy !" and the fone is shut.Then its all about crying over onions,peeling garlic wearing gloves (Im allergic to it),ginger,and then the 45 minute or 1 hour cooking time.It can be a drag sometimes but having a fussy fussy husband makes it very difficult.All he has to do if he doesnt like it..nah! I dont like it..Im eating eggs.and I go all upset ,eat some and pack it in a tiffin and keep it eating a little everyday.I have this guilt trip I travel to..that goes ting in my head when food goes to waste.I picture poor hungry kids in africa and then end up eating it or beg for forgiveness while discarding it.Eases my guilt a bit.crazy huh!Anything to avoid being bad.

Then it laundry ,which every other day.We change clothes like 2 yr old toddlers.Im fussy about this.Oh theres a stain here,a haldi stain there,oh tea drops here,etc and off they go into the machine.Mine is a semi one,so have some put an effort into it.Dont like automatic,very boring and takes a longer time than usual.With men its easy.They change only when asked to.Otherwise they are comfortable in it for as long they have them on.

Then theres the bathroom.Has to be shine and has to be dry.Dont like to see even a drop of water.So that like 2 times a day.With guests,I go crazy...I check the bathroom every now and then.

Then theres dishwashing.That like hundred times day.Its plates,or cups,or spoons or whatever.after every meal,after every tea.And anytime my hubby decides to do some cooking,that means an hour of cleaning and washing down the whole kitchen.He is a fabulous cook but a lousy cleaner.hehehe...thats what Im here for right !

Then theres mopping,dusting,wiping,etc.

Oh then there's this few hours I dedicate my life to the computer and TV religiously.Come on...I try to keep in touch with friends no matter what.I make time for it.And the telly is like my best friend.Im listening to music the whole day and yup,I never miss a few comedy serials.coz this gives me a chance to unwind and relax and laugh like a hyena as freely as i can.

Today I have to pay a visit to our great embassy here to get my passport.So lets see how all that goes.Gotta go.spent too much time online.

Wondering what has she written here.chalo yaaro,ye tho meri life ishtory hai....ek din ki.


  1. u hav been blogging since 2008 suzy? i never knew. i just saw it today - the posts clubbed under 2008. wow!

  2. Yeh sabki story hai. U r d perfect spokesperson for the very specific category called homemaker. No matter where, every woman’s biggest nightmare is the question, “what to cook today?” See, this is one reason I hate cooking. There’s just NO end to it.
    And though I am no Monica like you, I still have to do the usual ‘at least once’ daily ritual of cleaning & mopping. Urgh…

    But I must say that, once everything’s in order, it does feel good.


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