Nov 10, 2009

Tricky minds !!

Today was sad .Why! Hormones or just my surroundings. I just wanted to cry my eyes out but I couldnt as I had to prepping the kids for their exams.The weather is good and I just want to run to the beach and run through those cold waters.Shish,Maybe its just that I want to kick someone's ass.
I just went to meet my neighbour and played with her toddler for a while.I let me slobber all over me and puke all over me.Its just that babies calm me down.Then I came home and changed and now Im listening to some good hindi pop songs.Now I just want to dance to them.
Drinking some grapefruit juice,I love it.My friends think Im crazy to be able to drink grapefruit juice with such ease.I even love drinking bittergourd juice.I used to see my dad taking slow sips of these trying to control his blood sugar and I would take a sip whenever he wasnt looking.
I knew of this girl,my room mate who ate lemons.she would suck on them and then chew on them.Well,kids try many things.I knew of someone who loved eating toothpaste especially the gel ones.
hehehheee....Those were somedays.
I used to sit in this room and look over the window at these cashew trees.Especially when the red ones.I used to flick 2 or 3 and then eat them.Oh ,India is absolutely great.I miss it so much.
We had this small villa initially.It was in the center of this 1 acre land filled with long green grass and coconut trees and some fruit trees and red rose bushes.I would come to stay for a few days during hols from the hostel and I couldnt wait to get up every morning and stand outside my main door and look at the garden and all the greenery around could smell the grass soemtimes especially after it drizzled a bit.There isnt anything on this earth that can smell as fresh as earth when its slightly wet.offfff!!
And then I would walk by the flowers and watch these beautiful butterflies with their colorful wings.I was actually just struck by how nature at its simplest best was.I caught these dragonflies and butterflies,hold them in my hands and then let them fly.
I never wore shoes or slippers.I liked the way how the mud and rocks felt against my feet.I climbed these tiny mini hills you could call them and look all around me and i felt like a queen.I told myself I was this fairy queen looking after her fellow fairy friends and flowers and plants and all.It was amazing.Yup! As a kid I was an Enid Blyton fan.Hehehe...
I watched cattle moo all over the grazing lands and munch on grass all day long.I too had a cow back then.Her name was Shimo.When she and I got acquainted,I would pet her for hours and run my hands all over her.I even spoke to her.She licked me sometimes,and was all sticky and rough.I even had a cat who never stayed on our premises during the day but she would slip in between legs at night and fall fast asleep.I had a dog who never barked at anyone.:>...We tried everything but it was a jolly dog.It was friendly to all strangers.
We even had this piglet called chickoo.He oinked all day,rolled over wet mud and ran all over the palce when we tried to put it back in its pen.He was a vegetarian and loved my dad a lot.He walked beside my dad wherever he went and would make this sad noise when we washed him and put him in the shed.
A rush of memories have swept through my mind now and am not able to continue now.I guess I simply miss my folks a lot.Its been 7 years and 8 months.Cant help it,sometimes I just feel lost.

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  1. This piece oozes humour:

    Maybe it’s just that I want to kick someone's ass.
    this piglet called chickoo. He oinked all day.
    He was a vegetarian and loved my dad a lot. (!!???)
    I even had a cat who never stayed on our premises
    I had a dog who never barked at anyone.
    It was friendly to all strangers.(huh whatta dog)


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