Apr 9, 2010

Food !

Yesterday I had been to this friend's place.Shes a food fanatic.Loves to cook and enjoys eating as well.They say all good chefs do ! She gave me this very simple recipe for potato patties.I cant tell you what exact proportions coz not in the mood to go inot such fine details.;>...
Boil some potatoes well.Mash them and to it add a few finely sliced indian onions,coriander seeds pounded well,jeera seeds,coriander leaves,chilli powder and salt to taste.Green chillies if you want it hot.mash them all together and make small patties with your hands in the shape of small circles.Simply make a ball and smack it to make it flat.dip it in whipped eggs and shallow fry on a flat frying panin little oil.when they golden brown,remove and eat it with bread like sandwiches.

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  1. Why do all these yummy stuff have potatoes ,oil and eggs...And why am I always trying to lose weight.There are some people who can eat any thing and still not put on any weight and others like me...who has just to read the ingredients of a dish and feel bloated. Its a cruel world for the obese.


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