Apr 12, 2010

I got up yesterday and felt all lazy and didnt want to budge out of my bed.I felt cold and had goosebumps all over.Even after an hour of being under my blanket when I continued feeling cold,I decided a good cup of hot tea and a good breakfast would warm me up.I just had my eggs and roti when I started feeling extremely weak.Decided to check my temperature and it was 102+.Fabulous,I shut the Ac off.But then it continued the whole day...101...102...My poor hubby came from work,forced to eat lunch.I started sweating a bit but my fever still wouldnt cool down.Finally I went to the hospital,got a shot,checked my BP and sugar.My sugar was fine but my BP was 150/110 and that was giving me killer headaches.They gave me something to chew to lower my BP and then I came home and started feeling drowsy and must have slept through the whole night on and off.Somehow I managed to do some cleaning up in the midst of being awake.Im kind of a clean freak.Everything has to be clean else I cant sleep at night.Something like Monica from the Friends series.

Today Im feeling much better but a bit weak.I got up early,took a shower,washed and cleaned up everything again.Its good to be healthy and fine again.Thanks to God almighty.I love my husband for cooking me dinner and taking care of me.I thank God for each and every blessing.

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