Apr 26, 2010

My day today !

I had a very strenuous day today.I started at 12pm and got free by 7pm.Now I have been sitting ideally for around 2 + hours and Im totally bored out of my mind.I drank only 3 cups of tea today as opposed to the usual 5 -6 mugs I have in a day.Actually I have run out of my tea stock and its really frustating.

I was getting completely low and then I read my friend Sujatha's blog and her blog on Chai has made me wanna go to those chai stalls where they serve strong milk tea.But I dont drink milk tea anymore,I quit almost 5 years back.

Im on black tea now and I tend to drink amost 5-8 cups per day.You should see me during the month of fasting.You have to spend an entire day without eating or drinking and open fast after 6pm.You should see how cranky I get and How I just want to kill someone who utters something in anything more than a whisper.Im a tea addict.

You know what ! Im beginning to think that even when I have run out of topics im trying to write something and fill out my blogs.But as long as it makes me feel better ,what the heck isnt it !

I wanted to write about child molestation today as I had seen this very interesting topic on Oprah but that would mean being very diligent which right now Im not.Its a heavy topic and I know people dont like reading such things but many of us are parents and such a topic should be out there.Im not going to write the details of it but just wanted to pen down what Oprah said about child abusers and how a parent should know what to look out for !

See thats how my mind is...one moment Im writing nice stuff and then I switch to gory stuff.Sorry !

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  1. Maybe you should try the gory stuff once in a while


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