Apr 29, 2010

This has been a waste of half an hour and now more !

A friend of mine is own her to way home to be with her folks for a vacation with her kids.And it got me thinking for a moment there....What makes us whole !

We are born carefree,we grow and blossom,we get educated,we learn ,we marry,we become moms ,run households,work and the duites of a woman never ends or changes.Im not saying a man has nothing to add,he does bring the food to the table,he does drive us around,he does love his family but his contribution do have limits.

This excludes househusbands ( who I have immense respect for),single parents because they do much more than the others.Thats a totally different league to talk about.

A woman marries and changes herself to adapt to the likes of her husband and the family she has entered into.I may usually yell mom please bring me water,mom could u please cook this today,mom why havent you washed this stuff i had to wear it tomorrow,etc.But now Im running around fulfilling everyones wishes and demands like a genie.Im cleaning toilets,Im cleaning,am washing the garbage disposal,polishing shoes,ironing clothes,cooking what others like (60% of the time,if I had my way,I would be cooking for 6 months in a year maybe),many things that I wish I had a maid to do it for me.Nah! Im against the thought of having a maid if I can do things on my own plus I know from experience,once you get a maid,you lose your touch in many things and become totally lazy.

There Im wandering again.I could never work for a newspaper ,coz I would never be able to concise.

Being pregnant ( I havent been ),giving birth( again havent),caring for a helpless soul,caring for its every needs and juggling with other very essential chores is all about being a fabulous multitasker (which women are known to be good at anyways) and in the process evolving to be quintessential.
Being a good wife,trying to be good at everything so that my husband wouldnt get a chance to complain about anything.Being a good daughter in law so my in laws wouldnt think less of me.You always have to do your part without the need for achieving a medal for everything.I have learnt you have to learn to do the right thing though you may never be appreciated for it.You may gain competetion from every female soul in your household but dont compete.Do your best and stand by the sidelines.My husband always tells me,do things right,I dont care what others have to say for the sacrifice or things you do but I know.Isnt it enough that I know.That was a touching thought and I know many men feel the same.Men dont say flowery stuff all the time,they dont say wow...you have done this great and that but they know.they know the faults in you,they know the good in you and so does God.Im always thankful to God for everything or at least I try to be when I remember.Got to have the faith !

Iam glad to be woman.Not all the time but most of the time.

I always think about my mom,I dont know how others would judge her as a parent but to me ,she was an all rounder.She worked for 10 hours a day back then,came home,took care of our basic needs and did all the household stuff.My dad worked for 10 hours too,travelled by bus,came home,gave us baths,taught our school stuff and we all went to sleep.I would watch my mom standing for hours in the kitchen cooking and cleaning up and after 18 hours of doing everything,she would shower,lather cream all over her hands and feet and face and would give a quick glance at our faces and fall asleep within moments of hitting the pillow.I didnt know when she gave time to my dad,I was too busy in my own world to notice or even care.
Every friday my mom cooked normally for around 20 people who came over to our place to play cards and chillax.That meant waking us up for church,dressing us up,taking us for mass,waiting till we finished our friday cathecism classes,by 11am,we would be free,then we came home by local bus,she changed and went straight into the kitchen where she cooked for 3 hours straight.By 3pm,guests were all there,we watched wrestling,they played cards and at 4pm my mom would be off to prepare snacks to be eaten with tea.The guests left by 7pm and then we were given dinner by 8:30 and off to sleep by 9.

Im not even half as active she was at my age back then.

Great I just lost my train of thought and I feel deleting this update would be a waste of the past half and hour.Im watching Chuck and I actually feel the need to shower but I have messy cooking to do.See I just cant be concise.Always too much going on in my head.

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  1. it was really nice to read this post. we women really do so much. & our mothers they did a lot more.
    u know, among the lions, the lioness does EVERYTHING. even the hunting. but the lion gets all the praise/credit & glorified in photos. all coz he has a great mane!!!


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