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Friday movie criticism..

I watched 2 hindi movies today - "Dil Dosti etc" and "Dev D.".

Dev D : Its about this guy who studies abroad and returns back to Punjab.There is this girl called Paro who adored him all her life and had fallen for him and was hoping to tie the knot and being a jerk he is,he is led to believe otherwise about Paro.They have a disagreement and Paro marries someone else and after that Dev realises that he actually loved her truly.Then comes entry of Chandramukhi,who actually is part french and indian.Even though she has a loving home,she hangs around with the wrong guy and things fall apart here as well and her dad kills himself.By then Chandramuki's mom has left her and she becomes a prostitute herself.Anyways,many drug episodes,brothel episodes later,they both meet.
Dil dosti etc : This is about 3 friends.One being a tail to one and another rich kid who has folks ignorant about his existence.One of them wants to find the meaning of what love is and therefore,he visits a brothel and a school girl.HE is actually a slut,looking around for so called love in anyone's bed.The other 2 are power driven and are involved in college elections.

Anyways,the movies werent that bad but if its portraying reality in any way,Im sad for the generations to come.Its just not the kids ,even the parents are losing their touch.I know parents now let go of their children rather than deal with them.And vice versa.Its easier this way and we are not that a crazy fan of close families anymore.Everyone wants to live their way and not be in touch with anyone.Ask anyone why havent you kept in touch,"There's no time rey !..Im so darn busy with work and home,I cannot find the time to call and do anything."

People today can procure drugs,booze and any filthy form of entertainment at a snap.Looking at those movies made me wonder why do children stray so easily,why isnt anyone at peace.Sleeping around has become so casual a thing.Concept of virginity is a joke to 15 yr olds.

What is lacking? Attention, Love, stable family life, money, rules, discipline, etc...which is it? How does one strike a balance as to not choke the life out of one's life but still give a sense of freedom to enjoy the various facets of it.

As one will notice,Im disturbed easily by such movies.I do love them..they tend to raise a question in your mind and in return actually make you focus on yourself and the lives surrounding you.I wouldnt want to be one of those people who stay secluded in the homes.I like to be aware of everything and it gives me a chance to understand people.Each one of us has been brought up a different way,had totally good and messed up experiences to learn from and live with,so circumstances for many of us always differ in various challenges that life proposes every now and then.Only then you can focus as to how your kids should be brought up and how to keep relationships of any kind from falling apart.Living in a bubble cannot be a good idea !

Oh yeah,I watched " Whats your Rashee?"..The movie would have been great if all 12 women were different people.It would have spiced up and made it more enjoyable.But except for things here and there,the movie wasnt that good especially the end...absolutely horrible.the Producers had cash to spend and Priyanka Chopra to deck up.She was ok but still..not that good.


  1. Rashee was a disaster. UTV, the production house was against casing Harman Baweja but Ashutosh the director was adamant. Look what it got him into. The huge loss that UTV incurred had to be cleared by him.

    Dev D: though I watch each & every movie that’s released, I seem to miss some key films. Didn’t watch Dev D & Kaminey. Strange.


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