Jun 9, 2010

Mother T

I was watching this hindi movie the other day,name of which I dont recall at the moment.In the movie,one of the characters who is a good doer is called Mother T by her friends."Mother T" as In "Mother Teresa".Just now I went through my friend's blog again,then I remembered and was inspired to blog about it.

I completed my graduation In an all women's college.I think it was in my second year,when our principal made an announcement over the intercom that Mother Teresa would make an apperance in our college.At first thought I was like why would she want to come here...but then it created such a stir all over the campus.I couldnt believe my ears.I was so determined to catch a glimpse of her.Though I had heard stories about her and her work and to think I would have an encounter or even stand in the shadow of her presence was completely mindboggling for me.

College hours were up if Im not mistaken...But as the entire campus started packing up ,I started getting tense.Squashing yourself,squeezing yourself,hopping like bunny hoping to catch a glimpse,pushing and shoving everyone around you......It was a strenuous exercise alright but ultimately.....

A car pulled over and then it was like all hell broke loose.I saw the top of her sari that she covered her head with... and I started jumping around with all my might and strength...shouting ay aye...hey...finally I got to the frontlines.

I was a little surprised when I saw her face.the first thing that came into my mind was...,"Hey ! She looks like my grandma."She was an old woman,a little bent,covered with wrinkles all over.You could immediately see that that face had seen so much pain,gained so much wisdom...they were wrinkles of hard work,selflessness and love.

She did  have an aura around her.You could see that she wasnt just anyone ...but you knew you were in the presence of a strong woman,in the presence of blossoming love and peace.She was like the white dove I think.I was honoured to see her face and then it happened.Out of nowhere,she laid her hand on my head and blessed me.

A certain calmness and peace came over me.Its like when you are deeply troubled,someone you love so much,comes along and hugs you and you feel "all is well".I wanted to cry...but when there are girls with blood androgens  running high...its becomes quite painful to stand at a spot and shed a decent tear.

It was a privilege and honour to be in her presence.And I count myself very lucky and blessed.May your soul rest In peace Mother Teresa and Shower us with your blessings.

I think she is the only worthy celebrity status woman I have ever come around.Oh yeah...I did meet Dharmendra,in the 80's, at Mumbai International Airport.

But I have come across a handful of people who made both a positive and a negative impact on my life.I owe them both.The positive ones brought me self esteem,peace of mind and a love for myself.The negative ones taught me to be the bitch,to be strong,to not be blindly trustworthy of everyone,gave me a heartache and destroyed parts of me that may never recover.But Faith in God and lessons from those positive people have made me stronger yet forgiving,a smart ass and a mushy bear.Maintaining the right balance is what I've learnt.


  1. I am stunned Suzz..This episode is totally off my memory somehow..Must have missed those classes in college.Anyway ,I was more of an "OUTSTANDING" student.Most of the time standing out of the college that is...And I surely feel bad now that I missed it.

  2. U saw Mother Theresa. Wow!

    And Dharmendra? The only celebrity I have seen is Jeetendra. He used to come every year for the Ganesh festival near our galli in Bombay.

    Smart ass n mushy bear -- nice


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