Jun 30, 2010

An Obsession with youth.

A few days back,I had attended this dinner invitation from an aunt of mine.Now its not just dinner.Women have Kitty parties where they gather and gossip about this and that and discuss children and their day to day struggles to have the latest and do the latest.I normally stay away from parties like these coz they are boring but my aunt invited and we went.While the men play cards,drink cigarettes and scream and shout over games that aren't played well.

This group consists of women over 40 and men over 50 and sons and daughters in their teens and I feel out of place.One of the couples became grandparents a few weeks ago and as I was walking out of the kitchen,I saw him and congratulated him.We never speak with each other coz I always got this vibe that he detests Indians but since Pakistanis and Indians anyways hate each other,his indifference doesnt bother me.

The man practically bit my head off for telling this," Uncle,congrats on you being a new grand dad."

He was like why did I call him uncle,how come he is an uncle now,etc. and even returned,madder than ever,to tell me "A 20 yr old girl could call him uncle but now older married women chiming in,what is that?"I didnt say anything because I was In the presence of 10 women and I brushed it off laughing.

My aunt did call me up to apologise for his rude behaviour and told me That after I left the party,the other women gave his wife a piece of their mind.The funniest thing is Im elder by 2 years to his eldest married daughter.The man is 25 yrs my senior,what do I call him...Bhai saab.

The point of telling this story is ,I do understand the need to keep a lock on the age thing but I thought this was a woman thing.Whats wrong in somebody calling you aunty or uncle.Do you achieve male or female menopause when Some respectfully addresses you.I have kids 12 years younger than me calling me aunty and I never felt bad.Why do we want to turn back time when we see a few white strands in our hair...that way I got old when I was 9,I had 3 strands of white hair back then.One should accept his age gracefully.The saying is to be young at heart..you cannot turn back time when you spot wrinkles or cover aging spots with foundation or prance around like a 15 yr old to portray youthfulness.

I see 45+ women wearing designer jeans and tight clothes,what on earth do they think? That they will look like teens ! Your growing children are not reminders of your time of death coming closer or your aging faster.They are the next generation that you gave birth to,they are what will remain of you after you are gone,they are the symbols of your love and hard work,those days of sweating it out to give your home the best of everything.They grow with a part of you in them and their presence,their future families,their well being stands for a job well done by you.So instead of looking at your growing kids and your aging as nothing but wrinkle producers,accept it..enjoy it....dont yell at people 30 yrs younger than you for respectfully addressing you as Uncle ya aunty.I make this joke about people who are struggling to keep up with teen looks past age 40.."Lagta hai Jawani khatam nai hona chahti."

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  1. Do you achieve male or female menopause when someone calls u uncle or aunty


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