Jul 21, 2010


2 weeks ago, My husband brought home someone's PC for repair and that resulted in the blow up of my motherboard.After hours of wondering whether it was the wires or something else,the sad picture came into play.Now It was surprising to me because I then realised my strong dependency to my PC.Iam by my self for most parts of the day and being online and just looking at pictures of others,makes me feel connected.I actually felt lonelier and lost at times.

Then one day we get this customised call from the Ministry of Communication that our phone bill was delayed by 3 months and that it would be cut if the bill wasnt paid soon.We usually ignore such calls thinking we'll do it next week and that goes on and on.But then when we recieved a second one saying it will be cut in 2 days,we literally ran to pay it up.A phone is what gives us housewives pleasure and that includes a few men who have friends to God alone knows what crap they keep yammering on about.

Then came my stiff hands and knees.I had this on and off condition but this time it just stuck with me.they would curl up and I couldnt even hold a pen or a cup.It was unbearable.Such hopeless pain,I didnt sleep for nights.I then told my husband one evening,out of the blue,I think it rheumatism.He laughed it off.And today after one month of horrid pain,we went to the doctor,spent a load of money on tests and fees,and got the result.I indeed do have it plus Im anaemic and iron deficient.My brother and husband and I,giggled.A huge bear like me and deficient......

My doctor wasnt that amused at all.He gave us one look and asked me how on earth was I managing any chore with so much pain.At that my husband knew what I had been going through.Its true,you truly cannot understand something unless you had endured it first hand.

After the medications were prescribed,we all gave a sigh and stepped out.I came home and had them,and I feel so much better.The pain is all gone and Im doing all the pending work which I couldnt do.My friend asked me how was I managing..And I tell them,if I could managed cooking,cleaning,tutions and all with 3 disc bulges in my back...I can do it.They say if you believe you can,you actually can.Even though cooking took me 2 hours instead of 1,laundry took me 4 hours instead of 2,cleaning took an hour instead of 30 minutes,I knew no one else would do it for me and i did them.

When someone tells me their dukh bhari kahani,Im not moved that easily nor I pity anyone.I used to help people out during their times of need and I got nothing...no thank you nor any appreciation.When I fell real ill,I just recieved calls to get well soon and that,"you know nah...with kids and all,its really difficult to come out of the house ,If it werent for them,I really would have come over to help you out."

"Oh yes! please...do go to hell..."I think to myself.I hate when people make pathetic excuses.If you dont want to help,shut it...dont feel guilty and make silly stuff up or blame your poor kids.

Anyways,Im happy to feel healthy and back now.One more month of meds to go and Im through I guess.I think I will go to my friends place now,she's leaving in few days and shifting to a new flat.

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  1. “No one else would do it for me n I did them”. Yup dat’s d way it works.

    No one would rear & raise my child, so I did it on my own, like a single parent.

    Wat u wrote in one of ur other posts is also right. If there r family members to lean & cry on, v will use dem as our crutch. Otherwise, will jus wipe our tears n go on about our life.

    There’s jus too much goin on in ur life, na? Healthwise I mean. Asthma, back pain, aneamia, now rheumatism…weak body but strong mind


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