Oct 11, 2010

In the future for me...

I recently had been on a mini shopping spree with my brother.The smallest of the Fernandes clan and the last existent bachelor I know of.No ,I have 3 more cousin bros to tie the knot.The mini spree was anything but mini and my brother is anything but small.hehheheh.....

Jokes apart,my brother is tying the knot very soon,in a month's time.Im happy for him and kind of full of anxiety.Though its all as per he wanted...he is my youngest brother and to me ,he is still that big eyed baby in diapers.To think within a few years ,he will be changing stinky diapers of his own progeny...its a bit hard to imagine.

What is making this whole experience of seeing him preparing himself to be "imprisoned for life",is to see him grow as a man...a man who is complete..who is honest and loving.Hard working and maybe romantic.The most romantic thing he did for his siters...was make eggs on sunday for breakfast.And he was damn good at it.

My sister is on the verge of entering her 3rd trimester and I just cant wait to see the first by-product of the Rodrigues and Fernandes clan.Its a "he" and He has already been named "Nathan".She is preparing herself for motherhood by avoiding sweets with little success and sleeping whenever she can find the time.

SO there are 2 great things happening within the next 6 months.My brother will be married and my sister will have a boy by the second week of January.

Im still smiling,still growing fat....still blogging and waiting for people to write in their blogs.


  1. Interesting to hear - I either didn't know that you have a sister or I'd completely forgotten it! I remember that you have a brother - just can't recall you ever mentioning a sister, though.

    Where are they? I mean, I guess your brother is in Mangalore but where is your sister based? I bet you are excited and hugs to you for all the rest of the feelings. I do understand.

    I am sorry to be such a bad correspondent in the sense of actually writing or replying... I do read your entries regularly, though.


  2. Both of them are here.SHe is an accountant by profession,married and having a boy by jan end.:> Brother is a computer networking something and tying the knot next month.Folks retired and left months ago to live their last years of freedom from all responsibilities.Im gonna complete 9 years of marital bliss.Gosh....like a zillion years gone by.


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