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This has been a waste of half an hour and now more !

A friend of mine is own her to way home to be with her folks for a vacation with her kids.And it got me thinking for a moment there....What makes us whole !

We are born carefree,we grow and blossom,we get educated,we learn ,we marry,we become moms ,run households,work and the duites of a woman never ends or changes.Im not saying a man has nothing to add,he does bring the food to the table,he does drive us around,he does love his family but his contribution do have limits.

This excludes househusbands ( who I have immense respect for),single parents because they do much more than the others.Thats a totally different league to talk about.

A woman marries and changes herself to adapt to the likes of her husband and the family she has entered into.I may usually yell mom please bring me water,mom could u please cook this today,mom why havent you washed this stuff i had to wear it tomorrow,etc.But now Im running around fulfilling everyones wishes and demands like a genie.Im cleaning toilets,…

Husband tantrums....

My hubby had a long day at work.He came home ,ate,spoke very little and when he was done with his browsing for some drowning car being pulled out by another car which is his favourite,he lost that very last drop of energy that allowed him to even wink at me when I smile at him.

Oh yeah,he couldnt get that site online,he couldnt find his fav car,he couldnt muster that wink of his and finally asked me to prep his bed for him.Prep as in fluffin' and keeping his pillows right,adjusting the fan stand ,opening his bed sheets and then running my fingers through his hair( it started as a romantic gesture back in 2002 but now he just cant sleep otherwise) till he falls asleep.

He was drowsy one moment and the next he tells,"I just lost my sleep".

Usually when this happens,he gets up,walks around the house,talks gibberish and this frustates me coz I dont know what to do.If i ignore,I feel guilty that I cant help him and so I try to ease him and all.Its like taking care of a small …

My day today !

I had a very strenuous day today.I started at 12pm and got free by 7pm.Now I have been sitting ideally for around 2 + hours and Im totally bored out of my mind.I drank only 3 cups of tea today as opposed to the usual 5 -6 mugs I have in a day.Actually I have run out of my tea stock and its really frustating.

I was getting completely low and then I read my friend Sujatha's blog and her blog on Chai has made me wanna go to those chai stalls where they serve strong milk tea.But I dont drink milk tea anymore,I quit almost 5 years back.

Im on black tea now and I tend to drink amost 5-8 cups per day.You should see me during the month of fasting.You have to spend an entire day without eating or drinking and open fast after 6pm.You should see how cranky I get and How I just want to kill someone who utters something in anything more than a whisper.Im a tea addict.

You know what ! Im beginning to think that even when I have run out of topics im trying to write something and fill out my blog…

Anyone in the mood for a heart attack !

This is absolutely disgusting combination.In the states,A new version of the KFC burger was launched called luther down where the buns were replaced with chicken pcs.Someone here managed to make a new version where the buns were introduced back alright but in the form of krispy creme buns.

Recipe !

I love to cook when Im in a good mood and like many days today is one as well.

Before I continue I must say that writing this blog has been pretty liberating to me.I like the fact that I can jot down things in my mind and therefore,get it out of the way.I used to chat with my sister quite some time before but since shes not allowed to make any personal calls anymore I sort of miss talking about stupid stuff or heavy stuff and this blog helps out.

Back to the recipe,Im going to make chicken majboos.Its an arab dish and actually its bland.But Im gonna indianise it a bit by making it spicy.Making bland is damn easy but making it spicy,knowing the right combination of spices to enhance the flavour of your dish is tough.

The chicken pieces are supposed to be large that is one chicken cut into 4 pcs.Boil the chicken with 2 onions,a few cloves of garlic and lil bit og ginger,salt,turmeric powder,cloves and whole black pepper.After its boiled,strain the stew of it and keep it aside.You're…

Massaging my thoughts...

After we had our dinner today and when everything was washed and tidied up,I asked my hubby to brush my head with his hand.OOOOh it felt so good !

I have never been massaged and one thing among thousands in my wishlist is to go to a spa and be pampered for a day with all sorts of wraps and mud packs.I want to be attended to for a change,have someone rub my feet while listening to soft Kenny G. numbers.

Every once in a while I would snuggle into my mom's lap as a kid and she would lovingly stroke my head and hair and I felt great.Her smell still lingers in my mind,I call it mommy smell.

I used to take hot baths before but then quit them totally after some time.I would add some rose essence or some bubbles or a lil honey or a glass of milk.I read a magazine or sometimes listened to soft music and lit scented candles.

Now I wake up and Im cleaning,washing,doing laundry every other day,cooking almost everyday,showering,feeding,washing up again,tutions,eating and washing up again...a l…

My weekend !

I slept with so much hope and joy that I would wake up to a great weekend.I woke up to such horrid ,dull and dusty weather.Why,why does this always happen to me and many others who have just one day to chillax outside!

After 3 weeks,My hubby finally got a break from his emergency duty for a day.I decided that even though it would be very hot I would go out for an hour and rejuvenate myself amidst mother nature.But with this weather and my allergies that can go all ballistic on me,I have no choice but to cry my heart out in this blog.

Jamie Oliver is making salads on his show.The guy is just an amazing chef.He wont go for ingredients too far fetched and all.Its basic stuff which you have in your kitchen anyways.Today he showed this great salad dressing recipe which can be prepared in advance and kept in a jar for a few days.To 2 parts of extra virgin olive oil- add 1 part lemon juice,shake well and keep it as salad dressing.You can add lightly butter toasted crotons or you can rub raw …

Colors and Sounds !

Living in the gulf doesnt leave you with much options for seeing all the colors earth has to offer.You see browns,blacks,whites,greenish browns and I guess I have almost covered the main colors I have in my environment.

Back in India,I used to be filled with wonder with how some trees,flowers and skies were.Come rainy season and you could spot tortoises in wells,frogs in puddles,dew on every leaf blade and flower,crows on trees.You could hear the cock go cockle doodle do in the morning,you could hear my neighbours ringing their prayers bells and praying,I could see the break of sunlight in the sky and then I knew very soon it would be filled with bus honks,rickshaw honks,car honks and cycle bells.

I walked towards my bus stop and I would see yellow ,orange,pink,red and white flowers.You would see plants in every shade of green.You would see leaves falling down because of the light breeze blowing softly on it.You could hear the waves crashing into the Tanirbhavi beach from the rooftop …

Why dont girls like SOftware guys !!!!

This became an instant hit among my girlfriends and I had to put this one up too.

My Way through and through.......

A good friend of mine emailed this to me and I thought its pretty true !

Young King Arthur was ambushed and imprisoned by the monarch of a neighboring kingdom. The monarch could have killed him but was moved by Arthur's youth and ideals. So, the monarch offered him his freedom, as long as he could answer a very difficult question. Arthur would have a year to figure out the answer and, If after a year, he still had no answer, he would be put to death. The question was: What do women really want?

Such a question would perplex even the most knowledgeable man, And to young Arthur, it seemed an impossible query. But, since it was better than death, He accepted the monarch's proposition to have an answer by year's end.

He returned to his kingdom and began to poll everyone: The princess, the priests, the wise men, and even the court jester.. He spoke with everyone, but no one could give him a satisfactory answer. Many people advised him to consult the old witch, For only she woul…

How I got fair !

Everyone wants to be fair,everyone wants to have white skin.And the moment you hit puberty,you start staring at yourself in the mirror.Are these pimples,are these blemishes,whiteheads and blackheads,too much hair on my arm and legs and what not !

But Im not going to write about weight its purely on pigmentation.

One day my husband came complaining home thats his pits had this smell.This usually happens when the temperature rises to 50'c and +.A friend suggested him this cream which if he applied on his pits,the smell would gradually wear off.I always read the instruction papers of every product without fail and it read that it could be applied on blemishes too.I thought what the hell and applied it on my face.

The first month,all the blackheads and blemishes cleared.I liked the clear skin look and I continued and then I discovered that by staying inside and avoiding direct sun I got fair with this cream.

So thats my story.hehehhheee.......

Its "Pohli cream&quo…

6 feet Under !

I watch this series everyday at midnight.I find it hilarious and now I know whats it like for a funeral director.They say when you see something too many times,it doesnt jump you anymore.

But the point of writing about it is mainly for the usage of the word "FUCK" in this series.Its like the first alphabet of english.Fuck you this,Fuck that,Fuck you,Fuck me !!!!

This word has become so second nature to one's vocabulary.My husband happened to witness a 5 min of the series and he goes," Kya hai ye? Har bath pe fuck fuck?? Itni third class language ki series dekhti ho....".I told him its comical but he failed to get my point.He didnt want to watch it.

I remember the my first bad word.Guess when and what it was ! I was in the third grade and Sister Rosemary was my class teacher.Some girl did something to me and I yelled you "liar cock!" (Of course,I had learnt it in the class).My mom was asked to come and meet with her.When she told my mom,My mom is like…

Life as of a few minutes ago!

Being childless has its perks but has its negativities as well.Perks being I get to sleep and rest and do what and when I want without being bothered sometimes.But then I miss being responsible for a life.Hehehehhe...its my way of coping with certain drawbacks.I make fun of myself and situation to make it feel or sound better.No point in showing your wounds.People cannot be bothered in this time and age.I anyways dont like pity.I finally started tutions today and it was indeed a great relief.

So One of the kids studies in an indian school.The poor chap had to learn so many new names and what not.I felt bad for the 8 yr old.What are the mountain ranges? Peaks,hills stations...Himadri,nanga parbat,dalhousie...I try making it easy for him.Like when he couldnt get Nainital..I told him remember it as nani ka tal....

What are slow rivers of moving ice called? Glaciers...first he said garlic...then glassers...then i was like glaa- c -ers.

Then we went on to English...he was reading the word …

Onset of Summer !

Usually when summer begins,Its like the whole thing happens all of a sudden.Its not gradual like the other seasons.From 24 -27,it will suddenly plunge into mid 30s in 2 days and later reach 40s.Now its raining,getting other words,MArch is a month of illness.You are bound to get wheezy,coughs,allergies,cold,chest infections and what not ! The weather cant decide what to be and the body doesnt know where to adjust! Iam feeling much better now.
Had a good long chat with my girlfriend.Girl gossiping,can be fun and evil too.So much to unearth,so much of load to let go.Its so difficult to find a good friend out here.I can say this though,I made the best of friends in college.I have noticed that as adults,you compete for many things.Better stuff then friends,better kids,better homes,better cars,better food,etc.
Not that I dont have good ones,I do,just a very few.:> I dont trust easy ,with people just wanna use you and discard you....when it happens many a times,then shame on me na…

Things do when you're bored ! Thing : 1

Now that my husband will be on emergency duty for 3 months and since Im gonna see very little of him and more of me and the walls,I do things to entertain myself.Sometimes they are stupid and sometimes they are nice.
Just did some eye makeup on one eye and was admiring my effort.Forgot to click a picture,next time I wont.It was just white eye shadow over the entire lid and cornered it with black eye shadow.It looked very neat.For some reason whenever I go out I never do any makeup on.I love kohl and lipstick,thats it.No foundation or pan stick or concealer or what not...
Right now I have applied olive oil all over my face.I've read somewhere that its good for the face.
Got some dishwashing to do.Toodles !
I got up yesterday and felt all lazy and didnt want to budge out of my bed.I felt cold and had goosebumps all over.Even after an hour of being under my blanket when I continued feeling cold,I decided a good cup of hot tea and a good breakfast would warm me up.I just had my eggs and roti when I started feeling extremely weak.Decided to check my temperature and it was 102+.Fabulous,I shut the Ac off.But then it continued the whole day...101...102...My poor hubby came from work,forced to eat lunch.I started sweating a bit but my fever still wouldnt cool down.Finally I went to the hospital,got a shot,checked my BP and sugar.My sugar was fine but my BP was 150/110 and that was giving me killer headaches.They gave me something to chew to lower my BP and then I came home and started feeling drowsy and must have slept through the whole night on and off.Somehow I managed to do some cleaning up in the midst of being awake.Im kind of a clean freak.Everything has to be clean else I cant sleep at…


Recently,A friend called me up to apologise in her own special way for doing something she shouldnt have.Special in the sense where you make tons of excuses for the way you acted but wont say the word sorry.In the name of apology,she said many other excusable things and Now im pissed of.I have learnt a few things in my life one being not take anyone for granted.When somone does something good for you even once,I tend to return the favour one way or the other.I dont like taking "ehsaan" from anyone.And in friendship,sometimes you overlook someones bad points .But when Im taken for granted in return and offended on top of it...its like smacking a wild mad man and standing there laughing at him.Im pissed of at the moment but I'll have to get my bearings together and there will follow a tit for tat.Thats gonna be so much fun...I like the look I give people when I stump them.

Food !

Yesterday I had been to this friend's place.Shes a food fanatic.Loves to cook and enjoys eating as well.They say all good chefs do ! She gave me this very simple recipe for potato patties.I cant tell you what exact proportions coz not in the mood to go inot such fine details.;>...
Boil some potatoes well.Mash them and to it add a few finely sliced indian onions,coriander seeds pounded well,jeera seeds,coriander leaves,chilli powder and salt to taste.Green chillies if you want it hot.mash them all together and make small patties with your hands in the shape of small circles.Simply make a ball and smack it to make it flat.dip it in whipped eggs and shallow fry on a flat frying panin little oil.when they golden brown,remove and eat it with bread like sandwiches.