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Recipe and crap !

Oh the weekend was not all that great.So much of heat,its like solar flares all over kuwait.So much of humidity,even at 11pm its 45'celsius.

Anyways,I did some baby clothes shopping for a friend's new born and bought myself a pair of very comfortable slippers.We ate springrolls which werent cooked enough,ate samosas that werent tasty at all and for some reason had too many sweets,its left this sugary after taste in my mouth.

Then today afternoon ,I made this simple chicken pulao.I set out to make it the easiest way but then landed up doing the longer version of it.Sujatha,since you tried my peas pulao and I hope it tasted better at least,Im inspired to write this recipe here,so you can try it when you find the time.But I'll go for the easier one.

Fresh chicken is preferred,many opt for for frozen ones but they give this weird smell when thawed out.Anyway,with 1 kg chicken,cut into required size,clean and add into a big vessel or a pressure cooker and add at least 1 liter w…

Pea pulao...

I have to prepare peas pulao today and fry some fish fillets for lunch.I love peas pulao,its relatively easy to make and is done within 15 minutes.

For 2 people,soak a mug and half of rice in water for at least 15 minutes or so.If you are a peas fan,then add a mugful of them,if not that much then 3/4th or 1/2 of a mug will do.Chop up 2 small onions finely,heat oil in a pan,add the onions,a half tspn jeera seeds and green chillies (as per your heat likes).Saute them till they are very light golden brown and add the peas and a little water.Now cook until the peas are done.One can add carrots and potatoes cut into tiny cubes as well but then you have add peas and carrots first,coz they take a little time and after 8 minutes,add potatoes.Now it will all look like little masala,add the rice and stir around.Finally,add water and the level of it should be just 1/4 inch over the rice level.When the water starts to boil,turn to the heat to the least minimum,shut the vessel tight and leave it o…

Wrongful Doing!

I live in a country where people are racists to quite some extent.Anyone wearing a salwar kameez is thought of as a "hindi" and is automatically thought of as the MAID CLASS.Since most of them employ maids from 3rd world countries naturally,anyone coming from there is considered one.It sounds obnoxious but it is true.So many of the indians or Srilankans prefer western outfits,just to avoid an offensive stare.

I feel offended.Evene though we are more educated than most of them put together,even though we live in a realistic world than most of them,even though we work hard and do all their jobs under them,why is that we are mistreated this way.I hate this cast out feeling.

If you wear western outfits and speak good english or have an accent even partially resembling a westerner,you should see the way,they change around you.They will immediately be polite,be courteous to some extent and not be all over your face.

When Im in jeans or an abaya or dress,Im usually mistaken for an …

Have you ever wondered !

Have you ever wondered what your life would have been like if you had taken a different decision at a certain point in your life?

Everyone has that one moment where they always go back to wondering how much would life be different if not for that decision.I dont regret my present life unless Im feeling under the weather or depressed.But I do always wonder how much different it all would have been otherwise!

One of the moments I always go back too is the year I completed my 12th.I wanted to give my entry level exams for MBBS but then just a few days before my final exams,my parents gave us the good news that they wanted to bring us to kuwait for a 3 month holiday.Since we were meeting our folks together for the first time in 5 years,I decided to forget the entry exams and came to Kuwait to enjoy my vacations.
I never regretted that decision until a few years into my marriage.That too when we had a financial crisis to overcome.I always thought I could have been of more help to my husban…


2 weeks ago, My husband brought home someone's PC for repair and that resulted in the blow up of my motherboard.After hours of wondering whether it was the wires or something else,the sad picture came into play.Now It was surprising to me because I then realised my strong dependency to my PC.Iam by my self for most parts of the day and being online and just looking at pictures of others,makes me feel connected.I actually felt lonelier and lost at times.

Then one day we get this customised call from the Ministry of Communication that our phone bill was delayed by 3 months and that it would be cut if the bill wasnt paid soon.We usually ignore such calls thinking we'll do it next week and that goes on and on.But then when we recieved a second one saying it will be cut in 2 days,we literally ran to pay it up.A phone is what gives us housewives pleasure and that includes a few men who have friends to God alone knows what crap they keep yammering on about.

Then came my stiff hands a…

Precious !

It totally disturbed me yesterday night,I couldnt sleep for hours after that.The movie was adapted from a novel but if it resembles the slightest even to someone's life,I can only imagine what a rollercoaster their life must have been.
I know of parents who beat their kids for wrong doing,but when does it become worng to hit a person.Usually when a person has grown up,parents refrain from hitting their kids but then they start abusing them emotionally.They will say painful,downright harsh words and the logic being,you warn them well and they wont do it.They dont know how traumatizing it can be to a teen or an adolescent and sometimes even as adults.
I remember one such sentence my dad told me once just because I behaved rudely.I wasnt being able to adjust to having parents hanging over head all of a sudden after 9 long years and my parents were having a hard time realising that i was not that 12 yr old ,they had left in India.One thing let to another and my dad was pissed and call…

My letter to God

[ This letter has been inspired from the trailors of the movie "Letters to God".]

Dear God,

First of all, Hi there! Its been a few hours since we had our chat but today this letter is to specially thank you for things past and present.One thing I have learnt from the past is to be thankful during every situation.Though I find it very hard and it hurts sometimes to do so,I try my best,so dont be upset with me.

Today started with a horrible dream but my active fantasies have never taken a back seat since I dreamt for the first time maybe 30 years ago.Other than that I had a fruitful day so far,I feel live,healthy,better and beautiful.Thank you for all the smiles.

Iam happy for the wonderful man in my life,though I do tend to hate him or cant stand his existence sometimes,I love him tons.He makes me complete and has helped me out through so many ups and downs ,that I have lost count of all his good deeds towards me.When I see myself with him ,so far,I feel I didnt make the wron…


Well,yesterday, as usual, was uneventful.I did some grocery shopping and came home to watch RAAVAN.

If it wasnt for all the hype surrounding the movie,I wouldnt have thought this to be a modern day Ramayan sort of thing.The movie was okay,not that good as I had thought it would be.What I liked about the movie was,the simplicity of the outfits and the people of the gaav.It wasnt like the other bollywood movies where the girl from the village wears a gaudy 10,000Rs ghagra choli in every scene and the makeup is flawless and loud.Anyways,Aishwarya looked like any other girl next door.Abhishek Bachan looked like ABhishek Bachan.Its a great movie for a one time watch,the songs are hideous,they must be great in the tamil or telugu version of it but in hindi ,it just sucked.After the movie,I just jumped into bed and got up 10 hrs later.

After breakfast and watching bits of some crappy hindi movie on NDTV Imagine,we looked at each other and started asking what to cook for the day.I ,for one,ca…

Before I came to college I wish I had known...

That it didn't matter how late I scheduled my first class, I'd sleep right through it.

That I could change so much and barely realize it.

That you can love a lot of people in a lot of different ways.

That college kids throw airplanes too.

That if you wear polyester everyone will ask you why you're so dressed up.

That every clock on campus shows a different time.

That if you were smart in high school--so what?

That I would go to a party the night before a final.

That chem labs require more time than all my classes put together.

That you can know everything and fail a test.

That you can know nothing and ace a test.

That I could get used to almost anything I found out about my roommate.

That home is a great place to visit.

That most of my education would be obtained outside of my classes.

That friendship is more than getting drunk together.

That I would be one of those people my parents warned me about.

That free food served until 10:00 is gone by 9:50.

That …