Jan 13, 2011

The difficulty of being entertained...

My husband put this question forward and slept with this angry face....What do you keep thinking all the time?

Now why was he angry,its because hes worried my blood pressure will sky rocket again.I understand his concern but I cant help thinking.He says I dwell too much over things.I was programmed to do so ever since I had brothers and sisters.Before I was carefree,then it was "not you now..they are younger,,let them have it first.You're a grown up now".AFter that it was tension....they look upto you...behave well,behave like a human being..and so on and so forth.

Anyways,Im not always tensed when Im in my own dreamy world.I may be thinking,if I had license ,I would be at the beach,listening to my Ipod and enjoying the waves and tides. Or I maybe thinking if I had been to that Ming restaurant, How I would love those fried noodles. Or maybe Im wondering if I had that cash right now,I would buy a bunch of tops to go with my jeans.Or maybe that outfit would make me look smoking hot,but sad...cannot wear it and go out in public. Or maybe I would look fabulous dancing like on the beach or in the garden.It could be many things.Wish I could go to Egypt and visit those museums.Or I could be like that chick in the movie "THe Mummy".

Im tensed when things dont go my way,like I tell my hubby I want to sit at the beach and he makes this face which reads "I work by those damn waters for 8 hours at a time and now I have to go there and listen to it again and then go for work for another repetition." He is one surprising person who ahtes the beach, who hates malls,who hates places where there are more than 10 people,hates places where we can play or ride stuff.He would rather spend time with his buddies in a tiny room where they can smoke and choke on it.

Even though Opposites attract,it can be a real pain at times.Im a total extrovert and he's the opposite,the baap of all introverts.Im a chatterbox and he can sit still without opening his mouth,putting the still objects to shame at times.Our pairing works actually,coz in places where he lacks in,I do good and where I lack in,he covers it for me.

The weekend is here and none of my friends have called.Sister is waiitng for her delivery day after tomorrow and my mom is hovering over her for all her needs.Brother is on a jolly go ride  wondering what pregger land has he been thrown into.

Expecting a friend to land here soon.She has 3 kids and then our gang will comprise of 4 men,4 women and 7 kids. Whoa.....its gonna be cumbersome going out with 7 screaming banshees.heheheheh:> .

I just read my friend Sujatha's blog just now.Yeah..its true,we love to keep our homes spotless but in the end keep our outsides (beyond our doors) very dirty.I do my bit like her by keeping things even outside neat and clean.I dont litter myself that much coz I feel guilty.I have come to believe that If I keep my surroundings dirty now,there will a time I may be surrounded with crap in this world and next.My husband annoys me at times,purposely throwing things out the window or the moving car.He knows I get pissed off.Lekin har kaam ka shubh aarambh apne dil se start hota hai aur phir bahar continue rehti hai.

Thats strange, its 4:30 pm and the sun hasnt set yet.Why! Chalo...I applied masala to some fish pieces and fish eggs.Have to cook chana pulao  for tomorrow.Dont wanna get up on a holiday and spend hours cooking and cleaning and doing the same ol' mundane stuff.The weekend should be a bit different.

Gotta wake my sleepy head hubby and make tea for him.Time for tea and biscuits.Queen Elizabeth would be so proud to know that 500+ years later,we Indians have adapted her Majesty's habit.

Feel free to comment.This goes to people who read and comment freely and those who read and shy away from making themselves known.This blog is to take out mere bade dil ki badhass.....tho it can have crap in it or something intelligent.But I like to have a connection with my readers.


  1. smoke & choke on it....hahah that was so funny

  2. putting the still objects to shame - haha another gud one

  3. bade dil ki badhass ---hoho
    Queen Elizabeth would be so proud.....heheh
    feel free to comment -- it was more like an order disguised as a gentle reminder

    u were truly in ur groove today

    sorry abt d 3 lines of comments.i cudnt wait to read the entire stuff . some of d lines were so funny cudnt wait til the end


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