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My oddities !

Facts about me :

1) I hate the concept of emails and messages.Nothing can ever replace the joy of recieving and enthusiasm of writing a letter to anyone.Emails to me are like stick me posts on fridges,just there ,as reminders with no feelings.

2) One thing is beyond my control is my bladder.When I gotta go,I gotta go.No 5 mins,no 10 mins...the mere frustation of not finding a bathroom,one which Im very familiar with.I have had my share of embarassments,I cant think straight and I break into cold sweats.During exam times or travel,I simply stop drinking water 2 days in advance,no matter how hot it might get.

3) I dont eat fruit which is cubed or sliced or cut into anything.Just cut into half and let me dig through it.I wont eat fruit salad for the same reason.Not even chaat.

4) I dont like gold or lets say I never put much of it be it a function or whatever.I prefer a simple chain/necklace which I keep tugging onto throughout the function,not more than 2 bangles,not more than a ring.I dont pile on like some do during special occasions.On the other hand,if its artificial - love bangles,payals,one tiny chain,etc.But not gold,maybe because its heavy and shiny and one has to be careful about it.

5) I dont like people who talk less,who dont look you when you talk and people who take a long time to know you and get comfy.Same goes with kids.I try once or twice and then just let it be.Dont have the patience to sit through and wonder when they will open up.To such,its hi,hello and bye.Been so as a child.

6) Like Sujatha,I envy anyone who gets to travel in the name of work or who gets to travel for pleasure.I used to be a travel buff before but time and money has put "bhediya on my paer".

7) I dont understand why guests come over and refuse snacks or tea or cold drinks but secretly wish that all that and more is served in front of them.Why go "nai nai nai" and when served go "thik hai" and munch.And go back home and bitch about it if not catered to.I go anywhere and say what I want to drink and eat directly.Not a fussy,dramatic guest.

8) I dont like jam, honey,marmalades,apples,nuts,cherries,guava,potatoes in meals (except french fries),rajma or anything too beany and pizza.

9) I cannot stand around cigarette smoke or any smke,coz I immediately get an asthma attack.

10) I cannot cry for more than 5 mins maximum,coz like asthma attack,all the breathing apparatus in me swells up and I choke on it,literally cannot breathe at all.

11) I have never ever applied foaundation,compact or base,or whatever its called to my face.Tried once and I felt I had a clay wrap on my face.I felt my face was choking.

12) I cannot sleep or lie on my back for more than 5 mins.(Hospital was torture)Always felt like an elephant was napping on my chest.I was sleep on my tummy with my legs picnicing/picniking on the bed here and there.I cannot spoon for crying out loud after all these years.Need 3 feet of bedspace for myself.

13) DOnt like cats and birds for pets.If I have to babysit for someone,okay, but not for my pleasure.I only love dogs.

14) Favourite outfit : shorts and T shirt.Whatever I wear now,is because I dont have a choice.

15) Im very organised in everything.I cant stand clutter.My bath time,cooking time,laundry,my grocery list,my schedules for hospital visits or appointments,my medicines and everything...I jot things down in paper and calender and the whole nine yards.

16) This is the last thing Im gonna add ,coz I have to go somewhere,I visit the beauty salon just once a year or twice.Been so for the last 8 years.I only do eye brows and upper lip,do them mostly at home.

Well ,I have many more quirky things about me...thats why Im gonna just add this as a blog,what say you Sujatha.


  1. NO.3 - that's weird all right

    NO.7 - HAHHA imagining u as a guest saying, "mujhe yeh aur yeh aur yeh dijiye"

    NO 15 - guessed dat. was thinking u might really want to clean up after some of the ppl u visit or know na? or at least teach them a few things in organizing skills

    NO.16 - REALLY??? wo...didnt know dat...i thot of u as d "pamper me silly you beauty salon ppl" types. Once in a year..hmmmmmm


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