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Makeup tips

eye makeup for small eyes

The key to making your eyes appear bigger is to use a lighter shade of pencil (or powder) along the inner rim of your eyes. Beige, Vanilla and/or white will do the trick. Don't forget to line using your dark liner below the water line along your lashes for definition. You should also apply a light, bright shade of white or pearl to the inner corners of the eyes which will open and separate them more. Another quick and easy way to open the eyes is to curl your lashes and apply mascara right after.

Six Common Eye Shapes & Complimentary Eyeliner Tips

1. Round

Line the outer two-thirds of the upper and lower lash lines, to lengthen the eye. Also, try angling the line upwards (upper lash line) as it moves towards the corner. The result will be slightly thicker line at outer corners. Mascara emphasis placed on outer corner upper lashes.

2. Almond

Suits many styles and techniques. Generally, line entire upper lash line and use neutral eye shadow. Optional to line lower lash line and soften with brush. Mascara upper lashes, with emphasis on outer corners. Strategic placement on lower lashes.

4. Small

Line rim of lower lid with white, flesh color or blue to make the eyes brighter. Use of eyelash curler very important. Mascara upper and lower lashes.

5. Close Set

Line outer third of upper and lower lash lines, to create distance between the eyes. Mascara emphasis should be placed on outer corners of upper lashes.

6. Wide Set

Line inner third of upper and lower lashes with dark color. Shadow play should not go beyond, but blend into area above outer corner of eyes.

Eye Make Up Tip #6 BROWS will 'MAKE OR BREAK' your look...

Most of us tweeze or pluck too much at home or at parlours.Better have thick eye brows than thin ones.Thick never look bad or go out of fashion.By thick I mean at least full looking.My outer end of the eye brows were always tweezed too short but over the years have managed to grow them better.

Which brand of eye color contacts looks most natural with dark brown eyes?

Light brown, grey, hazel,freshlook in gray,green like in dark greens,In the end,it depends on your hair color,complexion.Try looking as natural as possible.
Lipstick shades for 2011:
I have a weakness for lipstick and without it I kind of feel nude.I love bright colors and have never followed trends in colors.I dont like gloss coz in summer they melt off or leak which is horrible.I prefer matte and just add some shine on the center of upper and lower lips.

Nude lips

Statement lips

Bright ones


  1. Since I follow all these tips myself,I thought ,why not,put a few of them up myself. Arent you into makeup?

  2. no! i use lipstick n eyeliner but jus like dat.i mean without knowing d science of it

  3. I dont follow the science of it myself,but when I watch or come across makeup on someone that looks very good,I try it on at home.It just turns out,I find it a hoot when I go through websites and check out new makeup tips.
    Im a eyeliner and lipstick alone gal myself.


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