Jul 16, 2011

My Fantasy

It was a beautiful night.There were a few stars in the sky and a crescent of a moon in the dark night.Since the houses were far apart from each other,one wouldnt be disturbed by people yelling dinner is ready and kids scurrying around the house.I could hear the crickets making that creeking sound.I came out of his house and walked up the stairs to the terrace.It was amazing.

Since the monsoon had already started a few days ago,every shower was refreshing.I knew this would be a fabulous night as all rainy nights are.I love the rains.Every movie I watched since I was 6,tutored me into how no rains should ever go to waste especially if you have that someone special by your side.On the backdrop,I had left the tape record playing my mixed tape of hot songs.

I was wearing my shorts and my favourite green T-shirt.It was drizzling a bit and my favourite song back then and now,"Tip tip barsa paani" started playing.I was gonna drench myself and dance to this hot number.Then he came up wondering what I was doing as it rained hard.A kiss happened and......


This is one of my fantasy.

We were in the car during the brief rainy season we have in this very hot desert.I play this very song in the car and what happened was.........................................

" what kind of crap is this?" says my husband.

"Arey,ye tho mera favoruite song hai,kitna romantic mausam hai..." says me.

" Tum isko gaana kehti ho,pata nai,kya kya bakwas tumhe achi lagti hai" says my husband.

"Arey ye bada hit gaana hai Mohra film ka,tum romance dekho..tu" says mua.

" Ye hit gaana hai,kuch nai...tum thodi kiski ho....ye romantic gaana hai...." says hubby.

" Tho romantic gaan kya hota hai" says mua.

"romantic gaane tho Rafi saab ke hote the,aaj kal ke gaano ka na mu hai na kuch hai",says hubby.

" tum abhi se buddhe ho gaye ho...jab me jawaan ho rahi ti..tab aise gaane hit the",says mua.

" Tumhara screw dhila hai", says hubby.

And all my horniness committed suicide.Thats my fantasy getting real.

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