Aug 17, 2011

Freedom from fuel hikes

I just get on the main street and its like im in an ocean of cars,buses,bikes and what not.What would generally take minutes ,takes ours.Everyone owns a a mode of transport,some for pleasure ,some for daily use .Its a more of a social status symbol now.But with this,comes the problem of setting money aside for fuel as well be it diesel or petrol or CNG or electricity.Every one of these things cost a little of the fortune we work so hard for every month.ANd now the sheer excess of vehicles has led to fuel price hikes which has become difficult to wonder if this "social status" is a boon or a bane.

What are we to do about these prices? We actually cannot do anything as there are a few countries with access to these precious oils that we so badly need.The more demand one thing becomes,the more expensive its bound to be in times to come,just like how gold has become now.

We can think of alternatives but they too in time will become expensive.We can think of using solar energy panels,they are in use but still in the experimental phase.We can use biofuels in some forms,even the wasted grease from all the cooking in hotels has been known to be used to cars to run them.All these above mentioned things are still in the beginning stage and are still to be accepted and mass produced to lessen the burden of going broke slowly by slowly.

Governments should be more stress on their scientists to build of inventive form of fuel for our cars.We can think of using electricity on a larger platform to run our vehicles but for this,electricity will have to be made cheap.Since we have nuclear plants in India,why not think of making electricity more efficient for many of our uses.

The humble cycle can come back into fashion again.If the work place is within reasonable city limits,one can start cycling and thus acheiving 2 goals,one being lessening pollution and second being,making it a bit easier on the pockets.

We can be more conservative over our fuel use by using our cars for long distance travels or for that matter,using these expensive fuels only in needful times.We can teach ourself to be more economical .But these alternative fuels,Im guessing, have their own disadvantages or else they would have been in common use today.Scientists are doing their best in inventing the best affordable biofuel but it will take time and till then one will have to live these increasing prices.

Since the fuel industry is a very profitable industry,with the increase in demand,the prices will not go down in the near future and so,as a nation ,one must think of more green solutions which will ease our life and help in protecting the environment for our future generations.,fiat,300x250,fl,max

This website explains to you how you can be green friendly with your cars.


  1. Nice Post Suzan ....Inspired by u and Sujatha...I too have started blogging :-)

    Tell me what u think....Suggest me some topics on which I can blog

  2. SUPERB is the only word I can say to describe your blog. So cool :]

  3. Full agree with your views. Nice presentation with well chosen pictures. Best of luck for the contest. Do check out my post here. Free from fuel hikes


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