Aug 8, 2011


Recently we made chicken and prawn shashlik for a couple of friends.Eventhough it sounds complicated,one of the reasons,I never bothered to go through the recipe online,its actually a very simple and easy to cook recipe.

Ingredients :

2 chicken breasts (Boneless chicken prefered or 12 prawns deviened and cleaned).

3 tbspn Soya sauce ( I prefer the normal one,not the sweet one)

1nhalf tbspn Vinegar ( can go for the colourless kind or the apple cider one)

2 capsicum/bell peppers ( both are the same,they come in green,yellow,red,orange...)

1 big Onion

1 tomato

bamboo skewers/sticks ( readily available )

Method :

Now cut the chicken breasts into small 1 inch cubes or if its prawn,then leave it whole.Add the soya sauce,vinegar,red chilli powder( as per spiciness required),salt to taste,black pepper.Powders you will add maybe a tspn or less,depends on the amount of chicken or prawns you have.

Remember,soya sauce is salty on its own,so will add a little less salt.Or in a vessel add the sauces and powders first and taste it,if you're not sure how much of what to add and in the end add the chicken or prawns.

Keep this aside to marinate for at least 3 hours.

With the veggies,same thing.Cut them into square pieces i.e. capsicum,onion,tomatoes.Remember when you cut the tomato in half,throw away the pulp of it i.e. the seeds and central part.Add a little salt,a little soya sauce,and vinegar like half a tspn of each and marinate them as well for 10 minutes.If you want to keep it simple,just cut them into square pcs and keep aside.

In the end,remember to soak your bamboo skewers for at least 15 minutes or so in water before using them ,so that they dont catch fire while either barbeque them or frying them.

Arrange the chicken /prawns and veggies on the skewers like onion,capsicum,chicken,tomato or anyway you want.FRy them on a flat frying pan or tawa with either cooking oil/butter/margarine.Turn them on either side every 5 minutes or until they are cooked.

You can squeeze lemon juice over it and eat ,accompanied by simple salad.

Hopefully it was as delicious as mine turned out to be.

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  1. ok one more recipe to try...first to go n scout for d ingredients (d middle 3) :)
    finally i get something where i can use vinegar (confidently):)


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