Sep 5, 2011

Birthday entry



I turned 34 today and a year more and I will have lived half of my life.Very strange to have had 34 birthdays upto now.I still remember my 17 birthday,like it was yesterday. I celebrated at my hostel with my room mates.

How was my birthday,you ask?

Well,I was wished by many of my friends on facebook and it did make me feel very happy within.EVen though some might say,friends who are only online are not real friends,I dont think thats completely true.SOmeone has taken the time to wish you,means they think of you somewhere in their mind ,even if its for a single moment.

Some of my family wished me and that truly made my day.To be greeted by my own,makes you feel important and wanted,a feeling everyone wants,no matter what.

My husband brought me flowers and sweets and it literally lighted some fire crackers within my heart.My brother and sister inlaw ,made a point to come and wish me and it truly touched my heart.My sister wished me and bought me presents 2 days ago and that made me happy and I havent stopped smiling since then.

I would like to thank God for being my eternal guide.He has blessed me in so many ways,that thanking everyday isnt all enough.I pray to God,that he binds my family together,gives us peace of mind,prosperity and happiness.May we be happy with what we have and not ruin our life wanting that extra more all the time.For everything he has given us,Thank you God.Forgive our sins and help us be good human beings,to be helpful,to be kind,to be generous,respectful of everyone and hings we have in our life.

Since the past one year,I have grown older,I have stopped giving tutions,I literally fell gravely ill and came out of it in one piece and more appreciative for this gift of life.I had a vacation and met my Inlaws and family and friends.I spent good time with friends,cooked a little more,entertained a little more,loved a little more.I clicked a lot of pictures and made many memories.I still am head over heels in love with my husband,Mehmood 9+ years later.My sister introduced the newest member to our family,my nephew Nathan.My brother got married and introduced us to another important member of my family,Joyce.I had good times and bad and enjoyed both of them with my heart and soul.I made people smile,made people happy and in return was blessed by all.

Today I listened to many many songs -Tamil,english and hindi.Danced a little in my apartment,decorated my hair with flowers and danced in front of the mirror.I was hugged and kissed and embraced and it all felt right and joyous.

I had a good time so far.Al Hamdullilah and thank you God for everything.


  1. such a sweet post
    god bless u :) dear

  2. ohh i dropped in today & ur layout had changed :)

  3. Did you like the layout....wanted a change..took an hour....

  4. of course yes. i miss the sexy lady though :)
    ya i am bored of these blogspot templates. where do we get some nice template designs?


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