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Crazy Ramblings !

Its been a while since I came online,No while writing this blog,I actually havent been online either.It will be a couple of days before I do so.

Eid al Fitr has come to an end and I have had the busiest weeks ever.Entertaining friends all the way through.Am exhausted,was hoping to catch up on some sleep but then after another phone call,we had to wake up and be ready for friend to come over.And by the time,we bid Ta-tas and Bye byes,the day had come to an end.

Its been defintely a week since I visited facebook and checked any of my emails.Makes me realise how dependent Im on this internet.Im clearly addicted.A bad sign of a jobless person,a sign of ample free time or a sign of having some sort of company no matter what time -day or night.

There are so many blogs to read and so many things to pass judgement and comment on and I am just not able to.Waiting to hook up to some DSL connection but just havent found the time.

So Im sorry if anyone is wondering,why doesnt she read them or why havent we heard from her.I have been so darn busy entertaining guests literally the entire week with no break.Tired,exhausted,cooked a lot,washed a lot and finally done with it all.

One of the most wonderful visits have been one from my sister.A surprise viist on her own with my one and only nephew.I couldnt get enough of him and I kissed him and hugged him like there was no tomorrow.To see your own brother or sister's kids,wow ! Its such a wonderful feeling.To have them love you back,is such a breath taking feeling.Its like nourishment to your soul,to receive such worthiness,such love.

Isnt it,there can be nothing better than the drug of being loved.It can cure you of illness,it can make you feel free and attached all at the same time.................

And the sweets.The tradition of giving sweets in all forms during these occassions.What can I say? Its been showering chocolates,cakes and doughnuts.My gosh...I think i can poop and pee sugar for the coming fortnight.Its like I can feel whipped cream and jellies and nuts and OMG......Its super pumping my heart.I think its a good thing to do,when you visit someone for the first time,its better to bring some bounty.I mean like cakes or sweets.Never go empty handed to meet someone or when you have been invited for the first time or when like eid ka chand,you visit a freind or relative,once in a while.My parents used to do it and now my husband and I do so.If not sweets,take dome deli puffs or o'douvres( not sure of the spelling).

I think Im gonna be sick..I feel some whipped cream brimming on the top layer of my tummy.That means I had a little too much.Day before,I was puking my heart out coz some BBQ meat n chicken didnt get along too well with my tummy.I have a tough tummy but my medications for my various bimariyaas,compromises the steel layer within.

Just watched the "Falak pe" song from "TAshan".How skinny does this woman get? Size zero.Is that even a legal dress size? seems unappealing to do the guys feel? My hubby didnt find her appealing ...if you wondered ask your hubby ! I think A little chubby woman is far more sexy.Jalebi bai......jalebi bai.....

Back to listening to songs again...The whole of ramadan ,I tried to refrain from listening to them as less as I can.But now Im lovin' it.It makes me feel joyous and I go footloose.Music is like a drug...why go on hashish or whatever the name is,when you can close your eyes and forget every God damn thing that is out there to ruin your peace of mind.It calms me when my mind is uneasy,when Im sad,when Im happy.I miss dancing,not that I have completely quit..but ye dil,KAmbakht jaldi thaka deta hai.I love when someone gives me company.Why is there an age to do everything? Common dialogue - " Ye koi umar hai? ","kya tum abhi bachi ho ye karne ke liye?" or like my brother puts it," Stop dancing like an ass at every tune that hits your elephant ears".

"Aane wale pal ek sapna hai" from Phir teri kahani yaad ayi.You should listen to this song.It one of my romantic favourites.It a beautiful song.Whn I listen to this song,I go back to this place.Im 20 yrs old again,Im walking along panambur beach in mangalore just half an hour before sun begins to sunset.Im in a black dress,have long hair,have anklets and with a boyfriend.You would imagine Im reminiscing some past memory,Im not.HAd a boycut,had no boyfriend and had been to the beach with my girlfriends in the peak afternoon sun for a swim, after bunking chem classes, and had not heard this song back then.But this daydream sets in everytime I listen to this song.I dont think the movie has this sequence either.Some songs when I listen,I imagine myself in the monsoon in a garden.Im a romantic,yes...A nutcase,totally...A daydreamer,always.

Reminds me of this english flick I once saw long time back.There is a new technology introduced that a person can go into alternate reality ,to get away from the day's trouble.A fantasy vacation in your own mind.It was a flop but I loved the idea.


  1. "nothing better than the drug of being loved" TRUE

  2. Its could your babies jumping all over you,it could your folks tearing away at you,it could be your ungrateful husband,it could be thee gossiping friends that surround you,we need love in one form or another or at least the attention of it.How has it been Suji this past week? Ahh we could have been chaddi girlfriends if I were back in India.You are a good one.

  3. :) - for the last line

    yes, one form or another. we need it. otherwise....!
    i sometimes feel no matter how many times i fall in love & fail, i will always fall in love again! with someone, somewhere, sometime. love is a NEED

  4. As a kid, I always used to look forward to Dad coming home with chocolates,sweets,etc....and used to love eating them....Even now I have not changed in that respect i thnk....Even now I eat lots of sweets :-)

  5. hehehheh...kanchen..but now you buy the sweets you buy right ! And Sujatha you are welcome.Havent written anything lately about your cooking endeavours.


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