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Heart of a House !

I recently came across this saying on a cooking channel and it goes like this : "The Kitchen is the heart of the house".Many would wonder if the bedroom was the deal breaker but it isnt.

There in the kitchen is the woman who has slogged her major part of the day whipping up food,a way,I think personally, to anyone's heart.A handful of my memories are of the wonderful food I have had at people's home and my own.My mom made the most amazing chicken stew and the thought of her dish,still makes me drool.The chicken was cooked just right and stew was just light and amazing,with the hint of acidic tomato and fresh coriander.The spices were right,the flavours were right on and the chicken fell apart in your hand and mouth.

Coming to think of it,there in the kitchen lies this woman,who may or may not be a housewife,but nonetheless,still enters it with great enthusiasm and will, to whip something for her loved ones.She knows she will be feeding her babies and husband.She knows they all are waiting on the edge of their seat,hoping to chow something thats tasty and that which will bring them great comfort and satisfaction.

My dad,always wanted one vegetarian and one non vegetarian dish for dinner always.He always insisted that the whole family sat down to eat and had a good time.It was usually a time where taddle tales like my brother and sister,had something to taddle about and get all of us in trouble.It was time when some main problems were discussed,the day spent was discussed,where homework to be done was discussed,when results and grades were discussed,where how tiring the entire day had been was discussed and what were the highlights of the next days to come were discussed.

My husband is an excellent cook ,but to win his heart and tummy ,I always try to be better than him.I love the fact that he wont eat out coz he will come home,so tired ,exhausted and when I serve him his meals,and only when he loves it,he will smile and feel better and satisfied.I know he feels happy knowing back home ,someone is waiting,to feed him and love him.Isnt that what home is all about?

My mom was a damn good cook and not only us,I remember,guests always praising her food and that was like petrol to her,coz then onwards, she kept going and going,whilst entertaining guests.I was so fascinated by her coz at any weekend party,she prepared around 6 different dishes.It was not something she complained about,it was her passion.I would think,"Yes,I want to be like he".I want people to rather look forward to dining at my house.People made an excuse to come over and we kids,just loved it.We loved being loved by our guests and showered by choclates boxes.But mostly it was eating my mom's potato minced mutton cutlets.AAAAAAAAAAhhh!

SO when I think of it,in the kitchen lies this woman,who isnt looking for praises or any applaud.There in the kitchen is this woman,who cooks for her family with all the love she can.Its just not the way to a man's heart,food is the way into anyone's heart,be it old and young.


  1. lets not underestimate the poor bedroom!! hahah just kidding

    ya i know. the image of a kitchen & mother is one loaded with memories
    i remember being excited by the mere sound of the utensils. i never entered it (hihi) but would always look towards to to know what would come out of it ;)

  2. I have always made it a point to praise the efforts that have gone into making of the dish...whether its by my wife or mom....and almost always they cook up really awesome food :-)


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