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Some competitions just don't finish.You are competing everyday with someone or the other.As a child,it was sibling rivalry.I'm gonna earn plus points and be on my parents good side.That should get me at least One of the things I desire.Then in school,you are competing with the 34 other students in your class.At least not the 10 most intelligent ones or the rank of students you think you belong to intelligence wise.

Then you grow up.You are competing with the beauties in your family.Her daughter is so thin and beautiful.See their son has a great job and is already earning so much.She got a proposal already,he is marrying this fantastic girl from a rich family and so on and so forth.

You start working and its a Rat Race.For a better position in the company,to beat that colleague or new comer to that job by the window.To prove that you are ready to do every overtime,so that you are in the good books of your superior.When I worked at a laboratory for a year,I had to learn many new things from my Filipino superior and she would just yammer on and would go,I have no time to show you the ropes.Then she back stabbed me finally just a few days before I could get my licence.It was heart breaking with all those exams I gave and endless hours I gave to learn.

Then you get married and there is competition between the in laws or your bhabi or bhai ki bahen.She cooks better,she does this and that better,she is a better mom or wife,he is very hard working,he earns well,he does this and that,he has so many accomplishments under his belt.There is just no ending to this crap.

We seek approval,attention that we are different,maybe slightly or overtly.We want to be discovered and get the "thumbs up".I have been competing all my life.When you discuss this or talk to your girlfriends,they raise their eyebrow wondering what on earth is going on in your life really ! When with my in laws,I noticed my bhabi would cook something up and then my in law would begin praising her for all the hard work.And when I whipped something up,it was always,we actually don't usually cook this way.We add a lot of this and that,but I always make my peace.I didn't want to cook exactly the way they,it had to have my touch.It used to make me very nervous initially and I would panic when cooking food for the entire family.Maybe because I was new at it back then,and wasn't very experienced.Its the same with my girlfriends.None of us aren't trying to put the other down,but still its like.".I'm really good at this and everyone just keeps talking about it.So what are you good at?"

Have you ever sat among a bunch of parents and never heard at least 3 of them say,"You know my child came first and beat this kid and that.My child came first in class.We have enrolled our child at this and that place.Its expensive but we can afford it now." SO you see,we aren't just stating the facts for the sake of it,we are doing for a reason.To prove a point,be it minor or major.

Sit among the elderly in your family or anywhere,they will list out everything.All their hard work.Its not just for others sake but for themselves,they are telling themselves,we did a great job and left no stone overturned,even if it almost brought them to ruins at some point.

If we look closely,we are actually trying to prove ourselves better than the rest.This determination actually helps to make ourselves better and improvise on our negativity.We strive to do things we maybe wouldn't attempt to do on our own.A little push always takes you a long way at least in some direction ,be it good or bad.SO int he end,A little competition is good but too much of it,well,is just not right.When you have too much of it,you tend to do things which aren't fair as well.And I think,when you make it dirty,its not a good run.
These are 2 sites I was reading and I think you too ,if interested,go through it once.


  1. yes it never ends not till the grave at least :(

  2. This is so true. I personally believe that people who are truly accomplished will always underplay. But there are people who constantly brag. Don't know when it'll end.

  3. I agree with Sujatha, it never ends and I hate it. I want to live in my own world with no comparisons.

    BTW, the sites are good. Thanks for referring:)

  4. Thank you Ladies.I hate it too,but as usual,one cant help.It seems to prevail even in our personal tedious lives at times.


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