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8:27 PM 2/25/2011

I was watching this episode on National geographic channel regarding the most amazing photographs.Though the topic is a real study,what made them amazing wasn't all that nice.It was this middle eastern photographer touring Afghanistan and trying to captivate a little of what essence is left in that God Forsaken country literally.He photographed this girl,not more than 13 years of age.She had blown an arm off in a bomb blast.She stood still for the photograph but it wasnt the arm I kept looking at,it was her eyes.

Her eyes told stories of horror,of destruction ,of famine and about many things most of us generally get to experience in our senile years or maybe not even then.There was this copy of national geographic that made headlines with the cover photo.The photo of the Afghani girl with cat eyes.Looking into them was learning what sadness really was.

All this sadness reminded me of this video I saw online on facebook.Someone forwarded it to me and has been one of the most chilli…


Since the Independence day celebrations of Kuwait are just round the corner,I thought I would write a little of how things have changed ,in my eyes, In this country.

I was born here and have lived here,lets see,Im 33 n half minus 9,that is I have lived here for 24 years of my life.Back then,before Gulf war happened,life was calm,more reserved and friendly.People wore abayas a lot.Abayas are actually long flowing free size black dresses,women wear,according to the religion.It neednt be black but black hides a lot.Many people take this to be sort of oppressive thing for a woman but it isnt actually,now that Im a muslim,I know the truth much better.As per the regulations of the religion,One wears an abaya,so that she doesnt let men drool over her beauty or whatever men look for kicks.Over the years,abaya actually has lost its true meaning.They have become fitting,very fashionable and women actually paint themselves with every possible cosmetic,so what you dont see bodywise,you see it in t…