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Pretty ?

It was our usual summer vacations and I had come to stay at

our grandma's home.I one day decided I had to go and watch a
movie.Get away from it all,and do something I enjoy the
most! Which is watching movies in theaters.

I dont anymore cause here the price of tickets is too much
and with almost half of the movie censored,its not worth
paying so much.

So I go to this theater and look at the board saying
Rangeela.I thought to myself I had to watch this,first day
,first show,my first for a movie.I thought it was just gonna
be some drag movie but I went to see Aamir and wondered who,
the one showing off so much of her thigh,is.

Managed to get the ticket after standing in a long long
line,completely dehydrated and I looked like a soggy
transvestite.Anyhu,I get to my seat and the movie opens with
these beautiful ,fair slender legs dancing all over.Her
streaked hair and her outfit,I was floored.I whistled like
the many girls and boys throughout the movie.

But this is not ab…


My nanima's home was a tiny little shack.It had red floorings like most of the old fashioned homes built in the 50s.It had 1 hall,one porch and 1 inner room where the suitcases were placed.It was the changing room,store room and I remember it had a very dim light maybe 20 watts.You could hardly see your ownself.It has a kitchen area,tiny one which had such blackened walls with all that cooking over fire.It didnt have a toilet but later on thanks to my dad and our constant crying during our visits,he paid for a bathroom and toilet and a tap as well.

What I loved about this place despite its modest setting,was it was 2 minutes away from a river.Dont know which it is now,but it was a gorgeous river.Coconut trees growing all by its side and the abundant clams and fish and crabs.

I would wake up every morning,brush my teeth,wash my face and run to the shore.AN early morning visit is not advisable coz you see the whole village paying it a visit,the ones with no toilets at home.It took m…