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A good woman

Once you have crossed 15,this is one of the major things that wander around both the girls and boys mind.Yaar! what is your dream guy or girl like?

Boys will begin with - She should have this sexy figure man,faithful and should be very hot.She should be cool.(within their head : a girl with big tits,gorgeous face and make every man pant and me feel Superior.)

Girls will say - He should tall,handsome,funny,faithful,have money,have car, and just supercool.( which actually means : A dog on a leash,loads of money to make my fantasy come true,take me clubbing and make every other girl on the block die with envy.)

This theory doesnt change for quite a while till you are serious about getting married.Im not talking about parents doing everything,Im talking about girls /boys who think it is time to settle down and then all those old theories go out the window.My hubby tells me,that when men are on the lookout for fun,they go for chick who are hip and out there,but when they want to settle dow…

What are the most important traits in a good wife?

What traits do men value most in a good wife?

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Most guys want a lady in the streets, Betty friggin’ Crocker in the kitchen, and a freak in bed.

Marshal Jed Cooper

1. Forgiveness. she has an uncanny ability to forgive (not forget) but forgive.

2. Patience I swear when it comes to dealing with me she is the most patient woman in the world.

3. Ability to look at her self – there are times that she is just being unreasonable, PMS whatever, I say to her honey you are being ridiculous and sometimes (if she is) she will just stop and say you know what you are right. End of fight/discussion. I love that.


This will vary from person to person. Some men want thier wives to look good. Some want thier wives to be submissive.

Instead of focusing on what they might want, focus on what YOU are willing to offer. Don’t change to suit someone else – find the person that enhances who YOU are.

Sethasaurus Rex

Don’t expect any mature answers on here. My wife is worth more to me …

The romance of love.

I watched this cute movie "500 days of Summer".

I was 14 years old and totally infatuated for the first time with this boy in the neighbourhood.He never spoke properly to me,ignored me and never gave me a second glance.I didnt understand what I felt ,all I knew was I blushed around him for some reason.I would sit by the beach and look at the moving river and if I happen to catch a glimpse of him,my heart would pound heavily but I kept saying to myself,this is wrong.Im too young for such sinful thoughts.So this was all I did,blush and look away ,scared that one day he would see me ogling.

I watched all these hindi movies where the girl and boy,played to hard to get and finally after some running around beautiful flowers,some dancing in the rain,some good deeds and faith,they fell in love and like all the love struck girls,I waited for my prince charming to come to my aid.

I always wanted a guy to fall in love with me first,give me flowers,take me out and be head over heels i…