Aug 11, 2012


I'm watching Taare ZAmeen par for I don't know the which time.I love that movie because somewhere in it is a small part of my story.The first time I watched I cried very badly and even though though I have seen it so many times ,I still get teary eyed ,as it reminds me of some painful times I had trying to adjust to the life I was presented back then.

I have been through such horrid times in life and have had total strangers guide me through it instead of my own.There will always be a place for those handful few who were there for me when I thought I had lost it all and they brought me back into wanting to survive life and still hold respect for me.but I appreciate all those times that if it were to happen again,perhaps I wouldn't change much.Indeed ,when you go through the worst in your life,the people who come to you and stand by you ,without complaining are your real friends.

It doesn't have to be blood is thicker than water and all that.In this day ad age,your loved ones will walk over you to have their satisfaction,so being humane and being being a good person is the key.

Be there for someone you know is in a jam without questions ,without hoping for something in return.Help out even if it means sleepless nights for you,but the reward of it all is far more beautiful.

Yeah the movie,brought back some memories which I normally just hide.One doesn't like to recollect the unpleasantness they have had ,they rather remember the wonderful happy go lucky times and sail through life.But I think understanding your worst moments and knowing that they made you the person you are today.I like the person that I'm ,irrespective of what anyone else has to say...coz I have seen it,lived it,survived it and changed my present accordingly to have a good future.So even though it was someone had hoped it would be,I know it was meant to be exactly this.

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  1. "I have been through such horrid times in life and have had total strangers guide me through it instead of my own" been there and seen it all..couldn't agree more :) :)


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