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Success in relationships by Olha Romaniuk

It is a sad but true fact that sometimes we are more polite and considerate with strangers than we are with our loved ones. When we had known people who surround us for a long time, we often tend to forget the basic rules of etiquette. Undesired emotions and words can come out in a less than tactful way and, at the end of a day, we hurt people we love the most by simply taking them for granted and taking our anger and frustrations out on them.

With strangers, next door neighbors, or casual acquaintances, our approach and way with words is slightly different. We are often more polite, more likely to say "excuse me" and "thank you", more likely to choose our words carefully as to not offend anyone. It is ironic that sometimes we treat strangers better than we treat our loved ones who have probably known us for most of our lives.

Forgetting to be tactful and cordial to people that are close to us can often lead to a deterioration of relationships that matter most to us.…

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