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My MoM My Inspiration

My parents have been hard on the 3 of us all of our lives....But its only when you start living on your own and make your family,you realise the truth or maybe faults in what they did with us.

Parents arent perfect always and they make mistakes coz after all they all are human.But the most important thing to remember is that they do it out of love and worry.What strikes them to be right at that moment ,they do.Im grateful to them for being hard on us at times coz that way,we didnt turn out to be total pansies.:>

I found this piece somewhere and I agree to every statement...Gosh I love my mom !!

Tips For Tired Dads

I read this article today and thought it was kind of fun.All I write is girly stuff and girl power thingies ,etc.Here's something for the dads and I think they are just very very cute.
P.S. - There were a lot of cute illsutrations to go with these games but I couldnt paste them here.Sorry !


Yes, you too can be Super dad from the comfort and convenience of your Lazy boy rocker recliner!
By Ron Wheeler
Written Sept. 6th 1993

Come on, dads, admit it. When your kids pounce on you as you walk through the door from a hard day’s work don’t you sometimes wish you could have stayed back at the office? Don’t you sometimes feel like Fred Flintstones when he opens the door and Dino tackles him on the sidewalk? Sure, there’s a part of Fred that enjoys getting licked by a baby brontosaurus but there’s also a big 
part that would rather be back at the quarry getting yelled at by Mr. Slate. 

Face it! It is hard to give your all to the company store only to find there is even more demanded of you back a…

Wearing contact lenses and makeup

Wearing contact lenses and makeup - The Times of India

Who says you cannot sport both at the same time?

Not everyone is comfortable wearing spectacles.Contact lenses can be your best bet if you are someone who keeps losing or breaking your specs. The only problem with wearing contact lenses is sporting makeup, especially eyemakeup. You have to be extremely careful about the products you use as well as how you use them. However, it is possible to wear contact lenses along with makeup and avoid infections or irritations to the eye. Here's how:

Go clean
Before you start, wash your hands. You can never be too careful while handling contact lenses. The risk of infecting your eye or ruining your lenses is exceptionally high. Hence, it is imperative to start with clean hands and makeup products and tools. Remember to wash your hands after applying any lotions or creams. The remnants of your cream will be picked up by your lenses while you are putting them on and will cause irritation.

Wear it

If Kuwaiti companies had realistic slogans what would they be?

If Kuwaiti companies had realistic slogans what would they be? : Kuwait

I loved this article,very funny and absolutely true.

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