Dec 5, 2015

Desert camping in kuwait

Those who live in Kuwait know that there is nothing much to see around.There used to be this rock formation in Khiran but now unfortunately that too is inaccessible , thanks to the construction of the new city around an artificial waterfront We just thought it must be some mud and sand piled up solid only to find out at the scientific aquarium that the rock formation in Khiran is millions of years old . Im glad before they sealed it off.....I got a chance to climb and photograph myself on it.

Recently hubby took some time off and I decided to dry my eyes out searching for something new to see in kuwait.Something that doesnt drain your wallet dry . A chalet is a 120+ kd a day....a day at the resort usually means one has to book a room at the hotel to enjoy personal beaches and swimming pools.In case anyone of you reading this post knows of great spots around leave a kind recommendation in the comment box.

So I came across this place called Jedalliyat.If you type this name in will never find it.But Im leaving a link below and the bird mark is the Jahra reserve and thats jedalliyat.The site describes it in detail and as usual...people arent allowed in without the proper permissions.

We were heart broken but were happy to know that we now know of 2 reserves in kuwait and its a great thing.Im all for a green kuwait and after having lived in concrete jungles here in kuwait since birth..Im glad there is still some form of greenery around.

From there, I found out about this place called AL Mutla ridge.Just type so and you will get a map to the very picnic spot.I thought we would be the only people there but to my surprise, people were coming in and out of the place.Once you cross the weather balloon that looks like a plane of climb onto the next bridge and drive left and you can see a road that goes up the peak.There is some repeater station there and pipes are being laid and there is a KOC company I think a little ahead.Thus, the road.It would be good if you have a SUV but I have seen sedan cars go over those high bumps as well.

If you like the desert...this is the perfect spot.It was extremely windy...I mean I kept thinking anyone weighing 40 kgs would just fly off the peak.Its Jal al Zour by the way.The view is absolutely stunning.Im a desert lover and  like my we are super comfortable around sand.You can even see the jahra reserve from there.....its amazing.

Heres a link from a couple of travellers to that very place and after that I put in my own simple pictures which I took yesterday.Hope you guys enjoy your trip.Since its super cold...people wear and carry a lot of warm clothes.Every hair follicle on my head was shivering.We can take 50 Celsius calmly but 10...we freeze to our very bones.

And the great pictures.....

Oh some camel herders had beautiful white camels running around grazing on some greenery sprouted due to the recent rains.You could rent the ATVs there the base of this can have horse rides.....I think there was a donkey too...not sure though....there are a few mobile bakalas selling basic BBQ items like coals and all...There are no bathrooms and toilets.So if anyone in the car feels the need, you can use the toilets at the petrol stations which are devoid of hand soap and tissues.Gotta carry your own there.Learnt from personal experience.If you intend to sit for a couple of hours, it would great to carry portable tents around.We literally travel with our diwaniyas in our car.


  1. Dry my eyes out to see something new in Kuwait ....Hahhaha

    The pictures have come out really well...some I have seen on FB too I guess, if I remember correctly

  2. Dry my eyes out to see something new in Kuwait ....Hahhaha

    The pictures have come out really well...some I have seen on FB too I guess, if I remember correctly


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