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Skin Lightening Tips For Winter

Desert camping in kuwait

Those who live in Kuwait know that there is nothing much to see around.There used to be this rock formation in Khiran but now unfortunately that too is inaccessible , thanks to the construction of the new city around an artificial waterfront We just thought it must be some mud and sand piled up solid only to find out at the scientific aquarium that the rock formation in Khiran is millions of years old . Im glad before they sealed it off.....I got a chance to climb and photograph myself on it.

Recently hubby took some time off and I decided to dry my eyes out searching for something new to see in kuwait.Something that doesnt drain your wallet dry . A chalet is a 120+ kd a day....a day at the resort usually means one has to book a room at the hotel to enjoy personal beaches and swimming pools.In case anyone of you reading this post knows of great spots around leave a kind recommendation in the comment box.

So I came across this place called Jedalliyat.If you type this name in…

Loving me.....

This has been a difficult topic ....Like till I got married I never loved me.I thought I was ugly, dark and hated my pictures being taken.My entire college life I was friend zoned by the opposite sex and thought I wish I had long hair...I wish I had fair skin....I wish I was thin...I wish someone called me beautiful.I could never accept a compliment....I would think in my mind...."yeah.... Go ahead and pity compliment for my ugliness."A video on youtube brought back so many memories.......Even as a child..I called fat and ugly and I felt so left out when people complimented my sister all the time.

Never do that to someone....I do get scared of piercings and extreme tattoos and gothic fashion..thats because I hardly get to see them and when I do..I have no idea how to react.

It all changed when I met my husband.He constantly reminded me that I was a beautiful person inside and out.As I gained some confidence in myself...I grew my hair long.I was told long hair looked bad on me.…