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Its been my favourite past time to sit in a place and look at people. As in what they they their face is at that moment...stuff like that. You just thought, "Oh please ! Joblessness of the highest order." It might be but people reading is truly fun.

And like the famous quote circulating the Internet....true tears and smiles are seen at the airport. 
You the old man sitting by the beach just staring at the horizon.He sits there with this boredom on his face.....My dad sits like that now and so I know.He retired a couple of years back and sometimes looks around and I guess wonders how his time has flown over the years.
Okay, this isn't supposed to be a grim post.I happen to attend a festivity yesterday....And after a long time had a chance to note a few things down.

It was a diwali mela and that means it was filled with families and people from all walks of life. I saw lots of families...mothers pulling their kids through crowds...yelling at them....tryin…