Jan 23, 2018

A Beauty Vitamin

Vitamins are essential nourishment for the smooth functioning of our bodies. Amongst the many, Vitamin E is one which constantly is included in beauty tips involving hair and skin and beauty.It has other important uses too namely, its good for various organs, helps in hardened arteries and  is good for the heart and other heart ailments. Besides it being an anti-oxidant, its also good for the nerves, in simple terms.

Its found only in plants and fish, so we can eat our daily requirements through various foods rich in it or consume a supplement to make things easier. It would be a better option to consume foods rich in it and reap its benefits but in this day and age, when people skip meals or are diet conscious or practice a certain kind of diet, its difficult to make up for the daily intake of this vitamin.

Lets just go through a few pointers as to how this vitamin contributes to our healthiness:-

  1. Balances cholesterol. 
  2. It fights harmful foreign bodies within the cellular level that causes diseases.
  3. It slows down aging.
  4. It maintains moisture content and elasticity within the skin.
  5. Helps fight skin cancer.
  6. Treats scars and sunburns.
  7. Helps in maintaining healthy hair.
  8. Balances hormones and maintains the endocrine and nervous system.
  9. And can help with relieving PMS , if taken a few days before the menstruation begins.
  10. Improves vision too.
  11. Improves physical endurance and muscle strength.
  12. Vital during pregnancy for the development of neurological and brain.

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So you see there are a wide variety of uses of vitamin E and we can see How important taking this vitamin could help us with our health.

All you have to do is break a capsule and use its content directly as in sunburn or mix it with a medium like body moisturizer or olive oil and apply on skin to lighten dark spots or use in hair oil.

There are many local companies selling these vitamin E capsules. Evion selling 400mg of Vitamin E in the range of Rs. 14.46 per 10 capsules.Its not a bad bargain.

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Foods rich in Vitamin E are- Spinach , Wheatgerm , Almonds, Butternut squash, Trout fish, avocado, Olive oil,  sunflower seeds, Palm oil, sweet potato , hazelnut, mango, broccoli, kiwi fruit, papaya, cucumber, tomatoes are some solid examples of food that can be consumed to make up for the daily need of this essential vitamin within our body. A cup of most of these foods provide a daily intake.

I take Vitamin E tablets myself and it has proven beneficial in terms of skin and hair and overall health. But my advice would always be to consult a doctor before buying a bottle of it. It would be better to know if you truly had a deficiency than simply popping it in. As too much anything can never be good. Our bodies are or should be our temples, we clean it, we maintain it and make sure good things are out in , so that we reap its befits and feel good during this one existence we have on earth.

Human body is very complicated and we should try our best to care for it with all the means available to us by learning about it. Being intelligent and aware should be the way to go.

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