Feb 18, 2018

Series and dramas

We all have those shows we love to watch. We love the way they make us laugh or reminisce  or the morals they teach or the fact we need something to get through the day.

My first series is a Kuwaiti series. Its not very new and if you can understand arabic..it is a must watch. The series talks about people and their relationships. Each one with their own take on what they feel life should be. One being about a couple who haven't got pregnant over a long time but are content and so much in love. I loved her character . She is a wonderful woman, classy, puts her husband and his family above herself and has so much love and attention to shower among the relationships around her. 

I want to be so much like her. Poised and well spoken, soft and dispersing of beautiful love every now and then in doses. In the series, an old flame takes over their marital bliss and destroys everything to get her ex flame back. The man gets weak in an instance over a woman thrusting her good looks and beautiful empty words of love and he gives up on wife and he tumbles onto a cross path when he , being a writer and poet, cannot distinguish between true love and infatuation. 

I couldn't imagine being left by my husband over another woman. Its a nightmare. Especially if you don't have anything else in the relationship like children. Its so easy to get bored and move on. She too faces this very fear and life gives her another shot at it and what a wonderful change it turns out to be.

The one thing I always tell myself is, love yourself. Admire yourself for the truth you have in you. Focus on doing good deeds and on the deeds and goodness of others. We strangles our mental existence with what rubbish jealous people pour into our lives. Instead of letting it go and keeping our calm, we tread on wards to spin the tempest of lives. But what is life if not testing us during storms. How are we to know what our strengths are if we have not searched for it during that harsh 10 seconds of brutal rage that is life struggles. 

The series showcases another stubborn and hard man to love, who is a dad to 4 kids but thinks showing his love is a form of weakness of a man.

 It shows a couple, wherein a wife simply doesn't respect her husband and appreciate the love he has for her and every time he professes his love or excitement with a new venture, she ignores him, shuns him and utters not a single word of courage or positivity. A woman who doesn't value the love she gets from a faithful man. 

It showcases another woman, who is greedy and jealous and envious of other women. Simply because her purpose in life seems to be only to bicker, ruin the lives of others around her rather than working on her own family. In the end she loses it all...and her demons take hold the better of her.

The series is simply 30 episodes and is a beautiful. It gives one a glimpse of the kuwaiti lifestyle. I must the one thing that the series didn't portray the number of maids. hehehhehhe... Its the truth. 

I putting the url below... incase if anyone is interested..to watch it. Its in arabic.


Dhikrayat la tamoot. 

Means Memories never die.

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