Nov 4, 2008

A Daily Routine !

What is a daily routine like? Many of my friends always ask me what do I do the whole day as I have no kids of my own to run after.And having been around kids and had my own share of experiences of what it is to take care of kids and teens,I always wonder what makes it so busy for mothers who say they hardly find time to breathe around them.Maybe Im wrong..who knows right ! I find it a joy actually taking care of kids,all it requires is a certain discipline I suppose.My mom did,I did...anyways Im here to talk about my routine.

Well,Since Im a housewife...Im the maid,the cook,the wife,the friend,the girlfriend(ahem...romancing !) to my husband,aunty to the rest,tution teacher to the kids and friends to my many roles to play (except the working woman)..hehehehe.....

Besides this...I wake up and give a good solid moment (half an hour) of pause to my body.Not very young anymore ,so have to give a little rest to my loose back.

Then its all about what to cook.Every housewife and cook I guess wonders every morning what has to be cooked for the day.Had lentils yesterday,so lets cook this veggie,or not this one and not that......It drives me crazy.I tend to call my husband and ask sometimes what would you like to eat.Rarely it will be like make this specifically,most of the time it goes like,"Cook whatever you want rey,Iam busy !" and the fone is shut.Then its all about crying over onions,peeling garlic wearing gloves (Im allergic to it),ginger,and then the 45 minute or 1 hour cooking time.It can be a drag sometimes but having a fussy fussy husband makes it very difficult.All he has to do if he doesnt like it..nah! I dont like it..Im eating eggs.and I go all upset ,eat some and pack it in a tiffin and keep it eating a little everyday.I have this guilt trip I travel to..that goes ting in my head when food goes to waste.I picture poor hungry kids in africa and then end up eating it or beg for forgiveness while discarding it.Eases my guilt a bit.crazy huh!Anything to avoid being bad.

Then it laundry ,which every other day.We change clothes like 2 yr old toddlers.Im fussy about this.Oh theres a stain here,a haldi stain there,oh tea drops here,etc and off they go into the machine.Mine is a semi one,so have some put an effort into it.Dont like automatic,very boring and takes a longer time than usual.With men its easy.They change only when asked to.Otherwise they are comfortable in it for as long they have them on.

Then theres the bathroom.Has to be shine and has to be dry.Dont like to see even a drop of water.So that like 2 times a day.With guests,I go crazy...I check the bathroom every now and then.

Then theres dishwashing.That like hundred times day.Its plates,or cups,or spoons or whatever.after every meal,after every tea.And anytime my hubby decides to do some cooking,that means an hour of cleaning and washing down the whole kitchen.He is a fabulous cook but a lousy cleaner.hehehe...thats what Im here for right !

Then theres mopping,dusting,wiping,etc.

Oh then there's this few hours I dedicate my life to the computer and TV religiously.Come on...I try to keep in touch with friends no matter what.I make time for it.And the telly is like my best friend.Im listening to music the whole day and yup,I never miss a few comedy serials.coz this gives me a chance to unwind and relax and laugh like a hyena as freely as i can.

Today I have to pay a visit to our great embassy here to get my passport.So lets see how all that goes.Gotta go.spent too much time online.

Wondering what has she written here.chalo yaaro,ye tho meri life ishtory hai....ek din ki.

Sep 10, 2008

the Importance Of Going Out !!!!

The weather lately has been horribly humid,hot and dusty.Its been like this for weeks now.I literally cannot remember the last time I went to the beach.After a tiring week at home and working round the clock..all you want is ,to go out on the weekend and chillax.
But now when you step glasses go misty on me..I start hair is ruined and you dont feel good.Its like walking around in a Sauna Mall.Why????? Just waiting for the rains.The telly is not forgiving either.You have boring, horrid programs all day through.Like there was this hindi movie cheetah on...yup! the name suggests the gloriness of it.I love watching gives me some relief..I get a chance to laugh and clear my lungs out.But again the timings are odd.Im usually cooking or washing or cleaning up or doing some chore and I miss it out totally.

I want to click some new pictures of friends and family and add to my collection and all ,but so far,haven't got a chance to catch up to that either.

Yesterday the weather got so dusty within couldnt see anything beyond 20 feet.Which is still good..I have experienced dust storms where you cannot see anything beyond 6 feet.Seriously,I pray to God to let the weather change soon.Let the winter set in..let some rain wash down our dust and sins.hehehe.....

I think a tummy ache is on the rise here..gotta catch hold of some hajmola.hihiiii.....see ya Diary !

Aug 7, 2008

Im back or getting there !!!!

I cant believe its been over 2 months since I last wrote.

Well, lets talk about the soaring temperatures here.Everyday its +50celsius.According to the law here,if the temperature goes above 50, a holiday is declared,in order to avoid people falling dead because of the heat.But they never really mercy on the people working outside.Very sad isnt it !

Well, recently I watched "The Dark Knight" and must say,its a good movie.I loved every bit of it.I find Christian Behl very dark and intersting.I loved his voice in his batman suit. :>

A month to go before Ramadan begins and so does my "sort of" dieting.Its a good cleansing ritual or routine rather for me.

Iam babysitting this bird for a friend for the next 2 months.He is so cute.Dont know what species it is but he chirps real sweet.He makes this weird noises and calms me down when im screaming at my tution kids.

I thought I would write something very interesting but am getting bored at the moment.Will definitely write something nice ( I hope) nest time.

May 19, 2008

Music in your Life !!!!!

Aah...sometimes I just imagine what it would be like....without songs..without music.Life would be such a drag.I breathe music.The first thing I do in the morning,is switch my radio on and listen either to the radio stations or my Cd's or tapes.But it has to be there.Its like if you don't brush your teeth,you don't feel fresh.That's what music does to me.

It helps me combat those lonely hours of the day when I have no one to talk to.It transports me to this world of lemon zest freshness,clear blue waters on the ever beautiful sandy beaches.I feel young and alive just thinking about it.

Iam a comfort eater...but have managed to use music as a vent out too.Otherwise I would have been 300 pounds today gulping galaxies and kinders down.

It brings me peace...inner to be specific,calms my nerves and lifts my spirits which do get hammered out of shape from time to time.Everyone needs that private stool in the corner of the the room to sit and reflect on what went wrong..mine is listening to music at such times.

Right now am in the process of recording a Cd full of slow romantic meaningful songs.Just gave mine away to a friend.Chocolates and favourite Cd's are something I never selfish..come on....lets blame it on human nature.I'm really mean..blaming my weakness on humanity.

May 5, 2008


Iam a very romantic person by nature but thanks to life around me...cant afford to maintain the kind of romance that I want.

I love romantic poems...not reading them but to be read to.I love flowers....a lot.....Im not the one who plucks a beautiful flower the moment it blooms....But Im not the first one to refuse flowers given to me with love.

My husband used to be a hopeless romantic.Camping outside my place for hours together.We never spoke too much but just gazed...blushed and it was finally love.hehehe.....
I love romance the old fashioned way.Romance has lost its meaning nowadays.We are in a rush to a rush to know one a rush to go partying a rush for everything.

My idea of a perfect romantic day out would be...the gentleman coming up to my door with a nice picnic basket..sit by the cute things....shayaris..poems or mushy stuff like that.Songs even....old romantic beautiful meaningful songs.....

Now I have to tell my gentleman for hours on end..that I want to go the beach...and I take black tea....diabetic crisis...some biscuits...he dozes off in the car and I watch the waves,the gulls,people sitting here and there......

tere dil me meri saanso ko panaa mil jaye....
tere ishq me meri jaa..... fanaa ho jaye....

na shaher dekho ,na biya' baa' dekho...(2)
khuda ka ek lotha naam aur neshan dekhobas aankh utayo........
aur rehan ko dekho.....

tumhari khubsurati ne khuda se khataa karadi...
kahi khud se nazar na lag jaye...
yu'karr tumhe nazar na di...

khash me unn ka gola hota...
unki ungliyo me lipta hota...

phool hu ghulab ka ,chameli ka na samajna...
ashiq hu apka,apne saheli ka na samajna...

beti'n hain hoton ko sikar...pachtayengi aap...
ishq jab uttha hai aksar..esi khamoshi ke baad....

insaan ke khwaish ki koi intihaa nahi....
do gaz zameen chahiye...
do gaz khafan ke baadd.....

dard se ankhen char kar lenge...
hum bhi imtihaa de denge...
teri dosti ke khatir ae dost...
hum dushmano se bhi pyar kar lenge....

humse dur jaoge kese....
dil se hume bhulaoge kese....
hum wo khushbu hain jo saanso me bastey hain....
khud ki saanso ko rok paoge kese.....

kehtey hain pyar me neend udd jati hain...
koi humse bhi mohabbat karey...
kambahkhat neend badi aathi hai....

esa laga khuda ne ...rakh diya humare dil pe haath..
liya naam humara unhone...kuch esi ada ke saath.....

paani se pyas na bhuji tho mehkhaney ki taref chal nikla...
socha shiqayat karu teri khuda se.....
par khuda bhi tera ashiq nikla...

kesi hain meri awaz...
jese tufano se pehle khamoshi....

kesi hai meri mehek...
jese pehle barish ke baad mitti ki khushbu....

May 1, 2008


My sister will be celebrating her wedding anniversary in 2 days.Its gonna be her first.I asked her ( as I didn't know ),what and how did it feel to be married for a year? She feels like years.Strangely,before tying the knot,everyone thinks,"Oh..its roses and flowers and what not....but it isn't.Its hard work but a pleasurable one.Depends on how you see things from your point of view.It was weird initially,I felt I was compromising and changing and adjusting...but its the same for both.I personally feel a woman has too much on her plate compared to the guy.After as Asian women,we serve our men and kids forever.Nah !!! My sweetheart is a part gentleman and part jungle man.Works well for me !!!!

Before I lose myself in my own thoughts...I came across this little para in a website and It a nice recipe for marriage.Here it goes.....................

A Good Wedding Cake:
4lb of Love
1lb of Youth
1/2lb of Good Looks
1lb of Sweet Temper
1lb of Blindness for faults
1lb of Self forgetfulness
1lb of Pounded wit
1lb of Good Humour
2 tbsp of Sweet argument
1 pint of Rippling Laughter
1 wine glass of Common sense
1oz Modesty

Put the love,good looks and sweet temper into a well furnished house.
Beat the butter of youth to a cream and mix well together with the blindness for faults.
Stir the pounded wit and good humour into the sweet argument,then add the rippling laughter and common sense.
Work the whole together until everything is well mixed and bake gently forever.

Apr 26, 2008

hairlighting Experience

Day before yesterday,i decided to highlight my hair along with a girlfriend.I have dreamed of highlighting my hair for ages but always thought it was a waste.Since I have had white hair from a ripe 6 yrs of age and it kept on multiplying with my dawning youth,I had no choice but go in for permanent hair coloring and had been doing so for lets see...hmmm..........10 yrs now.

Well,I did highlight a few strands a few years ago but it was barely noticeable.anyway,the first time i went in...i remember being reduced to not tears..I cried my eyes out in front of 10 women.When they were pulling my hair out through that rubber cap.but this time it was a good experience.she blow dried,straightened them out and then after a nice spray of some chemical thingy..she put on this rubber cap and all in all,i didn't feel any pain and am glad with my results.

All that excitement of highlighting them and now I have no idea what to do...this may sound very very foolish...rather cheesy...I literally want to run around the beach and see my hair fly in the hair.stupid isn't it ! part of the package.Sometimes it comes quite naturally to me and I wont know it till my husband says it or my very frank sister tells me so.She thinks clicking self portraits of myself with my digital camera is crying sign for just trying to use the gadget that I spent so much money on.

Anyways,right now I have tied my hair up into this chakli bun ,washed all the clothes,done some cleaning and all and am sitting down blogging.

I think for the next festival....I might just go in for a rockers hairstyle.jet black hair with the "blondest" streaks ever.

Apr 20, 2008

I watched this great pakistani movie named " Khuda ke Liye".At first,I thought I was in for some major boredom.But it turned out to be an excellent film,very well directed,and the message was beautiful.It highlights the double standards among people of faith.It focuses on the fact that learning your religion and understanding it well,being educated is so important.It shows how important it is for a woman to be educated in today's world.The atrocities towards women...forced into marriage without consent,not allowed to be educated,forced to live under the presence of a man only.Jhuti taley rondhna...i think that says it.

It should be watched once at least.Mehmood and I were up watching the movie till 4am.

Another one is "The Vantage Point".Very interesting.The angle at which its filmed...very nice.Keeps you involved till the end.

Apr 19, 2008

A day at the mall !

Yesterday I had been to one of the biggest malls here.Everything about it is worth seeing.First of all,when you see the size of it,you wonder the kind of money that has gone into making it.Then you imagine the kind of money the person has who decided to make this mall.After that,you proceed to interesting stuff.

I love the parking lot.Its this vast space which seems to have no ends from where you're looking at it.In order one doesn't get lost,it has numbered posts at every point.Park your car and remember your lot and go shopping.I tell my husband to park somewhere very far.It will fun running across this maze searching for your car.As usual he thinks Im nuts,so we wait for a parking spot or search for it.Sometimes its 5 minutes,sometimes its 40 mins.

Ok,now its the mall itself.It is one of those malls where middle class people cannot afford anything.You can find jeans ranging in the range of 5000Rs to 10,000 or 15,000 Rs.And yes,these are the ripped ones Im talking about.Why go through all that cash on ripped stuff.give me ordinary ones..I'll stomp on them with muddy shoes,tear them at strategic places and give them to you with the same effects.

Why on earth did I go there then? Well...since it was dusty outside...i thought observing people and admiring some clothes would be a great past time.My girlfriend and I love doing it.We do window shopping....look at amazing stuff,imagine ourselves in them...if it looks nice...we go green and if we look funny...we laugh our asses off.

I love observing people.It has been a favourite past time of mine since childhood.I observe attitudes,the way they walk,talk,flirt and mix with fellow human beings.You may or may not be surprised at the kind of people you see.I've seen forbidden things.yamaaa...dont want to discuss that hear.

There was this flower show there.Beautiful exquisite collection of flowers.I love nature a lot and since nature has only dust and sand to offer,Im amazed by anything thats very green with flowers and plants.

The kids had a lot of fun.they ran and flung like superman around.they cried and got tired a lot.They ran around like the world's their merry-go-round.That can be a chore but come on...once in a while its okay.

Thats all from me now.One shouldn't get bored while writing their own blog,isn't it !

Apr 17, 2008

Unusual holidays or events or crap or whatever you wanna call it....

April 17th is : Nosy Neighbour Day
{ Never have this problem out here.}

April 18th : Time Out day
{Oh no ! This may never come on soon.}

April 19th : Husband Appreciation day.
{Yup! This is done on regular basis.}

April 20th : Look alike day
{Imagine having to compete with another version of me.Or rather have my husband deal with her....he wouldn't be able to take it.}

April 21st : Creativity and Innovation day
{ weird stuff like spinach pulao,crushed garlic in eggs,spinach pakoras.}

April 22nd : Earth day
{This is a good one.dont do anything bad to Mother earth for one day like no spitting,no littering,watering your plant or just enjoying her beauty.}

April 23rd : Shakespeare's Birthday
{To all who cursed while struggling to read his plays..or had to act them out on stage.}

April 24th : Plumbers day
{Husband does all the plumbing...}

April 25th : Don't step on Dog poop day.
{Didnt find dog poop but had my tuition kids step on cat poop and walk into my home.Oh gosh..the major cleaning,scrubbing i had to do......}

April 25th : Cuckoo day
{Is it the bird or is it going cuckoo at times.}

April 26th: Remember your first kiss day
Hhmmmm....bring back those sweet memories......}

April 27th : Morse code day.

April 28th : Kiss day
{kiss everyone on sight day...and get my tushy kicked by my hubby.}

April 29th : Zipper day
{kiss your men should observe this...coz imagine having to wear pants everyday and button them up instead of zipping it in.}

April 30th : Honesty day.
{this I already am.}

Apr 16, 2008


I was talking to my sister.As usual we were discussing life after marriage.If I ever knew what it takes to keep a marriage fresh year after year,would i have taken the plunge? Actually I would have but maybe when I was a bit older.As a woman,you have so much of compromises to do,you have to learn your husband,your new family,your new home workings and in the end you learn a lot about yourself.

Running your home is a tough job.Shopping for groceries,shopping for other requirements,saving money for the future,the list goes on and on.Women tell me ,isn't it so?

I am a homemaker.All I do,is clean,cook and tutor a couple of kids.Cooking is so easy...Who said that? It isn't.Especially when you have a fussy husband who eats food cooked only a certain way.Its so true,food is the best way to a good man's heart.heheheh.....I don't know about the other entries.what to cook today..what to cook tomorrow...Having guests! then what feast to come up with....Its really tough you know.the other stuff is manageable.Cleaning everyday,washing everyday,etc.

I think of women who have more than 2 kids of their own.That's a whole different scenery there.But being childless for 6 years,I would very gladly accept the whole birthing,rearing,going mad over their cookkoo behaviour any day.