Apr 20, 2008

I watched this great pakistani movie named " Khuda ke Liye".At first,I thought I was in for some major boredom.But it turned out to be an excellent film,very well directed,and the message was beautiful.It highlights the double standards among people of faith.It focuses on the fact that learning your religion and understanding it well,being educated is so important.It shows how important it is for a woman to be educated in today's world.The atrocities towards women...forced into marriage without consent,not allowed to be educated,forced to live under the presence of a man only.Jhuti taley rondhna...i think that says it.

It should be watched once at least.Mehmood and I were up watching the movie till 4am.

Another one is "The Vantage Point".Very interesting.The angle at which its filmed...very nice.Keeps you involved till the end.

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  1. Watch The Memento if you havent..make sure your head is clear though before you start coz you'll have to use a lot of it while watching the movie!


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