Apr 17, 2008

Unusual holidays or events or crap or whatever you wanna call it....

April 17th is : Nosy Neighbour Day
{ Never have this problem out here.}

April 18th : Time Out day
{Oh no ! This may never come on soon.}

April 19th : Husband Appreciation day.
{Yup! This is done on regular basis.}

April 20th : Look alike day
{Imagine having to compete with another version of me.Or rather have my husband deal with her....he wouldn't be able to take it.}

April 21st : Creativity and Innovation day
{ Yeah...cooking weird stuff like spinach pulao,crushed garlic in eggs,spinach pakoras.}

April 22nd : Earth day
{This is a good one.dont do anything bad to Mother earth for one day like no spitting,no littering,watering your plant or just enjoying her beauty.}

April 23rd : Shakespeare's Birthday
{To all who cursed while struggling to read his plays..or had to act them out on stage.}

April 24th : Plumbers day
{Husband does all the plumbing...}

April 25th : Don't step on Dog poop day.
{Didnt find dog poop but had my tuition kids step on cat poop and walk into my home.Oh gosh..the major cleaning,scrubbing i had to do......}

April 25th : Cuckoo day
{Is it the bird or is it going cuckoo at times.}

April 26th: Remember your first kiss day
Hhmmmm....bring back those sweet memories......}

April 27th : Morse code day.

April 28th : Kiss day
{kiss everyone on sight day...and get my tushy kicked by my hubby.}

April 29th : Zipper day
{kiss your jeans.....no..the men should observe this...coz imagine having to wear pants everyday and button them up instead of zipping it in.}

April 30th : Honesty day.
{this I already am.}

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