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My first kiss... and a little bit of WWE

I was watching the trailors of "Dear John" and they show this kiss that Amanda Seyfried and Channing Tatum share,Oh How I miss that first kiss or one of the first kisses when all is fresh,new,filled with hopes and dreams and the possibility of finding true love.

I do kiss my hubby now and then...but they are kisses of welcome home sweety or am proud of you darling or just missed you a lot today kisses.They are true kisses too but they dont bring that tingly feeling or that knotty feeling in your tummy anymore.You know they are yours forvever so they hold that magic once in a blue moon.

Ahh....when you're heart races,you have goosebumps all over,you close your eyes tight.When I saw the actors kissing...I just wanted to have that new feeling too.

Now with WWE in the background ,all that romantic feeling is drifting away.Yes ! Im a wrestling fanatic.I know most of it is drama but I lovvvvvvvve it.Im looking forward to watching the match between Shamus and Randy Orton.

My brother and I watched this and he tried doing all these stunts on me and my sister.But when I was hurt during any of these home matches,I would just jump over him and then it was like "Last Man Standing match".We got bruised,we cried ,we screamed and we wouldnt just let it end....Finally Our mom would smack us on our back,pull on ears and shout and she would just hold the arms of the strongest child,which was my brother.I would still manage a punch to his tummy and then both of us got enraged and we ran in circles all round our compound for at least 20 mins.My mom would be cursing us loud,telling she would kill us if she caught us,my sister would be laughing loudly,my mom wopuld be screaming on and on...she would threaten us with,"Im gonna tell daddy to give both of you the beting of his life !" ( and he always did).Finally when we couldnt breathe and had to cry to ease the pain,we would tell each other time out and after 20 seconds,it was like it never happened.

Chris Jericho just won a draft match.My hubby makes fun of me...he says Im crazy.But I always tell him it runs in our family.My dad is a hardcore fan,my brother is,Iam.My   mom and sister just couldnt join our group.My husband watches with me but thats to give me company.He sees me all excited and jumpy and then enjoys it too.


  1. the chase scene between ur bro & u came alive in my mind's eye. i was like ur sis watching & enjoying a good tussle. pure entertainment!

    the kiss saga.....yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! need i say more? :))


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