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Thoughts after a teeny break...

Almost a week had gone by,I didnt bother to renew my internet services so I could blog,farm or anything.I have been quite busy for the past few days and the first thing I did was check my emails and read any updated blogs.

Oh I had no idle pursuits to carry on with, just plain tiring housework.I like to feel drained at the end of the day,gives me a sense of having lived and not wasted precious breaths doing nothing.No Im not accusing anyone,its like Im assuring myself that I have served a purpose for the day.This way,I dont get lazy and try to keep fit by doing things and being constantly on the move.

I have been catching up on movies.Of course they are all gone off the charts but I try to make time to watch a movie at a stretch.Im usually bits.I watched Ninja assassins and was stupified at all the blood gushing from the neck,thighs and heart.It was all gore alright but the fight sequences,my gosh,those men can really fight.Imagine the discipline,the strength and the practice that goes into doing all that martial fighting.My jaw was literally just hanging.Wow,If i had half the will power to do basic sit ups,my! This world would be a different place.

But Im a big fan of vampires,always have been.They amaze me.Even though its all fiction ,I dont mind spending my sleeping time dreaming of being a vampire.My husband always teases me,he asks me would I really want to be a vampire.Being impulsive ,I know I would turn in a heart beat.Now ask me why? hehehe...For the soul reason to travel all over the world without having to worry about expenses.and If Im able to control my urges the way Angel did in the vampire series , or the way Stefan does in The vampire Diaries,would try to do some good wherever I could.I would eventually get bored to live for long and suffer at the thought of having lost all my loved ones.Plus vampires are naughty and sexy and I think Im too.( batting eyelashes severely to give an angelic effect).

They say you feel like what you think you are.If I think Im hot,Im gonna feel  like a million bucks.Its all in your mind,you are what you think.Everyone doesnt think the world of themselves.It takes a while.I tried my best to do whatever my folks told me as a kid,but when I started living on my own,I discovered my true potential.As I growing,I was ragged,ill treated,had low self esteem,no guts to stand up for myself,It took everything to realise that I was weak and Only I could change it all.So you have to do it all on your on.I like the way Im now.Yeah ! its not I think too much of myself but liking yourself truly is the first step to breaking all negative shackles.

Im looking forward to a very non productive weekend.I want to relax.I dont want to hang out at a shopping mall and buy stuff coz I cant do anything else.Just want to sit in front of the beach and hear the waves and relax my mind,give it a break and rejuvenate my senses.They work too hard to make everything perfect and it too needs to feel a bit wasted.:>

You know what I really want to do this weekend -  I want to wear red lipstick,I want to sit and discuss something intelligent,not baby poop,shopping,food..but about the Iceland ash,about children in Africa dying because of hunger or what Oprah was discussing about.Thats what I miss about college get to learn something.Now all I hear is constipation,diarrhoea,...its a welcome topic at times but sometimes it gets just too repetitive.Mothers too need their outlet but all the time......nah!

Well,thats from me for the time being.Its a bit too late and my back is hurting.


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