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Castor Oil

I had this bottle of Castor oil a long time back for a tummy ache and now its lying around.I have been using it on my eyebrows and eye lashes for its well known benefits.SO here's some research I present you guys with,so it can be of benefit to you as well.
What Are the Benefits of Castor Oil for Hair Growth?

Regular Castor oil use on your hair’s roots and scalp will help:

Increase hair growth

Thicken hair that is starting to thin out

Reduce and prevent hair damage

Eliminate dry hair

Make the hair fuller and shinier

Deeply condition and moisturize hair and scalp

Prevents dry scalp

Boost your hair’s overall health

Applying Castor oil to your hair tips will also prevent your hair from looking frizzy and having split ends and damage. You will also notice that your hair is stronger and won’t develop split ends that easily anymore.

How Do You Use Castor Oil to Prevent Hair Loss?

Here are the common step-by-step techniques for using castor oil in hair loss:

Using your fingertips, apply high quality castor oil to your roots and scalp.

Make sure that you distribute the oil evenly on the scalp.

Do your best to avoid the oil fro getting into your hair as its thick consistency may be hard to wash out.

After applying it to your scalp, cover your hair with a plastic cap and wrap it in a towel.

Let the oil stay in your hair for at least 15 to 20 minutes or allow it to set overnight.

Wash it out with shampoo after to remove the castor oil.

Do this once a week for 6-8 weeks to see the results.

Depending on your preference, you can also mix the oil with other oils (i.e. grape seed) to eliminate the super-thick consistency and unpleasant scent of castor oil.

Castor Oil Takes Care of the Skin around Your Eyes

Castor oil is considered very useful in removing dark bags under your eyes. In folk and alternative medicine, the oil which comes from the castor bean serves as a treatment for many ailments. Because of its unique, healing ingredients, castor oil is used to alleviate constipation, induce labor, treat the sciatic nerve, support hair growth, cure the lymph system, and many other medical conditions.

Using castor oil is an easy, inexpensive and effective way to reduce the appearance of dark circles underneath your eyes, which are usually temporary and may be a result of different factors – lack of sleep, stress, fatigue and other similar causes.

Compared to most commercial eye creams that contain harsh chemicals, castor oil is all-organic. It is free from any artificial ingredients or chemicals that may be harmful for your skin. Castor oil is also very practical as it is relatively cheap compared to other eye creams.

How Do You Use Castor Oil Treatment under Your Eyes?

Application of castor oil for under your eyes is easy. Ideally, the procedure goes like this (as detailed by an article on American Chronicle):

Before going to bed, just rub a small amount of castor oil onto the spot surrounding your eyes.

Let the oil set there overnight. Castor oil works its wonders while you sleep.

Just remember to wash out the oil off the next morning when you wake up.

Do this regularly for many days for more effective results.

Upon continuous and consistent use of castor oil every bedtime, you will notice a difference. Dark bags under your eyes will start to diminish and your skin there will look better and younger-looking over time.

Castor Oil thickens eyelashes and eyebrows

Rub a little castor oil over the base of your eyelashes before bed. This prevents thinning and promotes rapid growth, leading to thicker and fuller lashes. In fact, many commercial products for eyelashes contain castor oil.

To thicken sparse eyebrows, rub a little castor oil over the brow line before bed.

Castor Oil softens thick calluses and removes corns

Castor oil application will soften any rough or thickened skin, including calluses and corns. To treat corns, apply castor oil over your feet and put cotton socks on before going to bed. (Incidentally, sleeping with castor oil socks on will also soothe painful heels and foot pain.)

Castor Oil prevents stretch marks

Rub a small amount of castor oil over your stomach and thighs daily to prevent stretchmarks during pregnancy or periods of weight gain.

Castor Oil will remove moles and warts (apply heat for faster results)

Rub castor oil into moles or warts every night. The moles (or warts) will start to shrink over a few weeks, and continued use will eventually remove the mole without any scarring. Complete removal may take 2-3 months, but this slow healing will also ensure there is no “hole” in your skin. (The surgical removal of moles will often leave a hole where the mole was. This indentation can often be permanent.)

Diana kindly shared a useful tip she discovered. She wrote, “I used castor oil on moles, but I think the secret is to use heat with it. For instance, keep a hot, wet towel on the mole for a minute, and then apply castor oil, and then reapply the hot towel, for another minute. Do that for about 10 minutes, 2 or 3 times every day. I did this and I started to see results in 4 days.”

Tip: Remove castor oil residue with baking soda

Castor oil is thick and viscous, but it can be washed out with regular soap and a good lather. However, if you find it more difficult than usual to wash castor oil out of your hair or skin, try mixing in some baking soda and water. Baking soda can cause some temporary dryness, but is very effective in removing all traces of castor oil.

Castor oil can be found in most good health food stores. Check the label to make sure it’s cold-pressed (or cold-drawn) and hexane-free. This is especially important if you plan to put castor oil on your face, around or in your eyes, or if you plan to ingest it for internal cleansing.

Vienna Mendes kindly shared her success at fading a tan by drinking turmeric with milk. She wrote, “I had suntanned skin, one fine day I started drinking warm milk with turmeric powder in it. Guess what … my suntanned went off, my skin started glowing… everybody at my workplace started commenting. I was amazed, I couldn’t realise what had happened to me. Then I realised the milk & turmeric brought changes in me. It took just 15 to 30 days for my skin to improve. It really works.”

Why it works: Turmeric has powerful antioxidant properties, protects against environmental toxins, and has antibacterial properties.

Baking soda prevents body odour

I live in a hot climate and sweat a lot. So it’s no surprise that I used to depend on roll-on anti-perspirants everyday.

But I decided to stop using them when I found out that they contained zirconium and aluminium, which inevitably gets absorbed into my system.

If you’re similarly worried about heavy metal toxicity from anti-perspirants, you might want to consider a healthier alternative—Baking Soda.

Baking soda will prevent body odour very effectively. But it won’t prevent the sweating. And this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it’s much healthier to allow your body to sweat as sweating is the body’s way of releasing its excess toxins. By plugging up your sweat pores unnaturally, you’re forcing your body to release these toxins through other means such as skin eruptions (e.g. acne, rashes).

So you might still sweat with baking soda, but you won’t smell at all.

And even as you sweat, you won’t stain your clothes yellow because as it turns out, the tell-tale yellow stain doesn’t come from your sweat, but rather the chemical reaction from your sweat and the antiperspirant. Sweat alone will not stain your clothes. So you’ll still smell good at the end of the day and your clothes will look good too.

What you’ll need: Baking soda (be sure to use baking soda, also called sodium bicarbonate and NOT baking powder), some water

How to do it: Place a little baking soda (around a level teaspoon) on your palm. Add a bit of water, just enough to make the baking soda into a paste. Apply this paste on your underarm area. That’s it!

Tip (wait after shaving or waxing): Baking soda will not harm you. But you might feel some stinging when using baking soda if you’ve recently shaved or waxed your underarms. So it’s best to only use baking soda one day after shaving.


  1. This is a lot of good information about castor oil! I am going to put this to use. Thank you :-)


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