Apr 10, 2012

Five Major Hair Care Myths

There's a lot of faulty science passed down generations when it comes to grooming.

Here, we take the mumbo-jumbo that a lot of you might believe.

Fixing Split Ends

It can't be done. Nope - it can't. The myth of 'fixing' split ends might have started with a company selling a split end sealing product, but split ends are terminal - they can't be fixed. You have to cut them off.

Of course, there are temporary fixes, with products that lay down the split ends so they don't show. But that's where the fixing ends.

Plucking a Grey Hair Causes Two to Grow Back

Again, not true. Plucking grey hair will damage your roots, even infect the empty root and hurt like hell, but it won't cause more grey hairs to sprout out. If it did, you'd have the world's cheapest (and most natural) way of avoiding baldness.

Braids Will Grow Your Hair Faster

For both women and men who braid their hair, braiding will cause too tight or too long can cause hair loss and baldness. One of the reasons behind this is Traction alopecia, a slow hair loss caused by pulling hair too tight by applying too much tension.

Regular Hair Washing Causes Hair Drying (and Hair Loss Too!)

Unless you're using a shampoo that leaves residue in your hair, a good shampoo and conditioner -selected for your hair texture and condition - the added add moisture and body will lead to nicer, healthier hair.

Hair Products used by Professional Stylists are the Same as Store-Bought Products

Not all shampoo is the same. (If it were, wouldn't SRK be saving money using Head and Shoulders) While the concept of 'professional hairstylist' is ambiguous in India, the expensive, 500 bucks a haircut guys (not barbers!)

Professional products have more quality, expensive ingredients blended for an optimum formula - something you won't find in your local Rs. 1 sachet shampoo. If you pay a buck, you'll get a bucks worth of hair care.


  1. Hi..thanks for the info...But I still don't seem to be convinced with one thing...

    Its definitely true that plucking out one gray hair won't result into growing of 2 gray hair strands...But it definitely causes the surrounding patch of hair to turn grey...telling from my experience..It always happened...


  2. Nice one. I actually belived this:
    Plucking a Grey Hair Causes Two to Grow Back!

  3. I had my first gray hair when I was * yrs old.Runs in the fasmily my mom said.So My mom plucked it out coz I was a kid and all.And no it didnt multiply after that.When you begin going gray,no one can stop the process coz its not just one hair,eventually you will have lots more.But I didnt turn all grey.I had maybe 50 white hair by the time I was 16,but I started dyeing my hair when I turned 19 and have been since.Its ok though,At this point it lends a wise man look.:>

  4. Seriously, split ends have no solution. But you know I can never find good hair products. Maybe I change my place every 6 months and it is actually a combination of water and products.


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