Apr 13, 2012

Spring rolls

I enjoy cooking but there are times you have no idea what to cook and you look for simple recipes which can be made in a jiffy.I had made these chicken spring rolls a couple of weeks ago for lunch.I just threw everything in and hoped for the best coz my husband hates Indo - Chinese food and I just love it.But it worked,he loved it and request I make more for him.So here's the recipe and hopefully you will like it.

Ingredients :

Half a Chicken (Boiled with 6 cloves,5 whole black pepper,salt to taste,1 inch pc cinnamon stick) You can save the stock you get for future pulaos and what not.

Shredded carrots,cabbage,capsicum,green chillies,spring onions ( they all should be finely chopped and uniform in size)

Soya sauce,White pepper,salt to taste


I shredded the chicken after it was boiled and cooled with my hands and just tossed the chicken,vegetables and soaya sauce,white pepper and salt.Its good to tatse at every point to get the taste just right.

You dont want it to be too salty coz soya sauce is mainly salt and what not.

Usually,you will see in other recipes that te vegetables are cooked.You can cook it in a frying pan with a tbsp or 2 of oil i.e. toss it with oil the whole thing,and let the water that comes out to evaporate.Taste the veggies and when you will they are sift,take it off heat and let it cool.

I use readymade wraps.Check out the ingredients to see if the rolls are made from basic ingrdients and not too make weird components.BAsically Maida and water and stuff like that.

Rolling the wraps is a bit tedious initially but the directions are usually on the back of the packet,I followed it to the tee and after 2 oddly shaped rolls ,I got the hang of it.Place the mixture in the center,just a tbsp and half.Fold the 2 opposite ends in and then just roll it.To stick the ends,make a watery paste of atta or maida or corn flour with water,and just with your fingers stick and place it down in a plate.

Once all the rolls are made,heat the oil for deep frying and place the rolls gently in in the hot hot oil.

Please bear in mind,its just the casing you wanna get golden brown,once they change color,take out and enjoy.You can enjoy it a hot chilli dip or mayonnaise.

The ingredients can be made a few days in advance and make a great snack or lunch.

You can use shrimps,you can use beef or eggs ( boiled maybe).But I love chicken.

I have guests coming over for dinner today,so I will making a big batch today along with mutton pulao.Yeah ! We are total foodies.

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