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Diary page of a woman trying to sleep.

Nowadays,my sleep pattern has taken for the worse.I dont sleep when I should and therefore sleep late.But then I dont oversleep but get up early as well.This continues for a couple of days and then one day I hit the pillow and sleep for long periods of time.

First of all,I need to get this thing out of my head.I dreamt a couple of days ago,that I was a handsome man who just started dating this gorgeous woman.So on the day we meet at my primary school premises, where the electricity is absent,she tells me she has a 2 year old toddler.I light a candle and am very happy that I found a readymade family.As I go near the baby and touch his tiny hands,the baby scratches the flesh of it.I scream,the woman aint there at the moment,the kid turns Chucky on me,its hair gets all pointy,its eyes turn all black,the nails turn black and long and the child stands up with the scariest smile and says,"SO you think you can date my mom.Run ,run ,as fast as you can.Hide in those halls but I will find you and chop you into bits."I was so darn frightened,I literally scream into the ears of my sub conscious to wake me up and I did.

So there it is.I hope it doesnt haunt my mind anymore.Now its out there.

Lets move on to the real part of my blog.

I put my husband to bed by midnight.He had to get his beauty sleep as he was planning on leaving very early for work the next day.SO there on my bed I started thinking.At 1 am the comedy videos will begin and at 2 am,HOUSE episode will satrt and finish by 3 am.That was easy.House finished and then suddenly I wanted to drink instant coffee.I woke up and made nescafe and had it.Eventually Im going to fall asleep.Let me check the time.What the hell! Its only 3:20 am.No problem,let me go online and see if anyone has uploaded some pics.NAh !....No interesting comments to comment back on.I shouldnt have finished my Mahjong game so soon.Should have played 1 level per day.But I did play well.SO what If I played 2 of the levels over 50 times to complete it.I dont want use the PC.So I shut it off.

Whats the time! what,its only 3:50 am.Let me watch that arabic serial today.DID Zohra leave her 3rd husband again? Did her first husband sew her for cheating him? What exactly does that dialogue mean? ( egyptian arabic is way different than kuwaiti arabic,cant understand it completely.)Darn,I watched that episode already.MAybe if I get bored,I fall asleep.Nah ! still too boring but not making me sleepy.

What time is it ! Its 4:30 am.Good.Maybe I will fall asleep soon.I must switch the TV off.Maybe then I will have no choice but fall asleep.I switched it off.Now Im talking to myself inside my head.

Suzaan,you should fall asleep,come on,you can do it.You have a lot to do tomorrow.COme on,sleep.Maybe if I count sheep jumping across the fence like they show in the cartoons,I may feel sleepy.1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 ,..Hey what time is it now ! Let me check...Surely Its 5 am now.What????? Its 4:50 am.

Closing my eyes,I go into my monologues again.

Maybe Aunty and her family reached Pakistan already.Maybe they wont find the time to rest before the funeral of their grandma.Gosh ! My grandma was so sweet.My dad cried so much when she died.How am I going to cope if something happened to my folks.No,I may not cry for we werent so close.No,I may cry a lot because I missed them so much.SUzaan ! Stop thinking such things.SLeep......Hey ! Im supposed to get my periods soon.When is the date? Let me count quickly and then I will definitely sleep.1 , 2 , 3 , ...crap Its tomorrow.Shish...Let me think real deep...Am I PMSing? Did I start overeating already ? (coz they are one of my positive signs of approaching periods.)  No Im not cranky as such....I didnt yell at my husabnd at all.How would that happen,he wasnt around the whole day ! What time is it ? Let me have a quick peek.5:30 am.

Shut your eyes woman.Okay let me make myself calm....God please give me good sleep. And also good  dreams.Hmmmm....ARe my nails clean? I opened my eyes and checked a few.Before I smack you mad,Put that arm down and go to sleep.ARe you crazy? checking your nails instead of sleeping.Hehehehhe...I should blog about this.....People will think Im crazy.Will you just sleep already.My brain works so much.Im thinking and it has no time to even fall asleep.Oooo...Whats brain dead then? If a person is brain dead,then he is declared legally dead and referred to as a vegetable.Whats a coma then? The heart cannot survive without a functioning brain.Its the heart stops,one is dead,if the brain stops,you're still sort of dead.Good,my brain is hyperactive.What time is it? 6 am.

Got to remove those chunks of ice I put to set in and empty them into my husband thermal ice box.He will wake up in 45 mins and make a lot of noise by filling water and what not ! If I fall into deep sleep  and its ruined again,Im going to be very cranky.Then I got up,filled water into the 2 boxes,filled it with water bottles and soft drinks.He had to take it to work.Then I filled the containers again.I have to make ice for tomorrow but what if My husband just pulls them out of the freezer thinking it is ice and spill water all over the carpet..NAh..I get up after Im done sleeping and then fill them up.

I had to do the whole filling and emptying quitely lest I wake my darling.What time is it? 6:28 am.

I should have rubbed some coconut oil onto my eyelids,maybe I would feel sleepy.Whats that? My back is hurting slightly.My ear feels ticklish.OMG,dont tell Im having an ear infection.Let me move my jaws and see if it hurting.Have I been having ticklish ears for days or was it just now!Darn it ! Im going to take an antibiotic in the evening.But now I must fall asleep.

What am I gonna dream? Wh....a...t  ti.....m....e  i....s  i????????????


  1. Lol - the evil talking brain. I hate it when it does that. So at what time did you finally get to sleep?


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