Aug 24, 2010

Festivals that scared us.

I was on facebook and one of my friend had posted a Happy Raksha Bandhan on it.I actually started laughing because it reminded me of the good old days of college.Come Rakhi day and the boys would sweat at the sight of a good looking girl,wondering if she will wish me happy rakhi or worse tie one,and that would be the end of his fantasy.I never had that problem coz I was sort of a guy.:>.Anyways,we did have some chicks in our class and it was fun to see the manly men avoiding girls during breaks and what not.

Then when I came to college,it was a totally different sight.Our college gates were the only visible thing from the outside.The main temples of study were located way inside.Firstly,you had the schools,then high school ,then Library and then the college classrooms.Since we were all women's college,we were surrounded by the opposite sex at all times outside our college.

When you are between the ages of 17 - 21,you start prancing around like a peacock.The peacock should have been a female.Either its gay or something went wrong in its evolution.You,as in college girl, will dress up well at all times except when there are exams.You are actually  motivated to wear something different or look better or cooler everyday.You will wear makeup,you will look fresh ,no matter how scorching the weather maybe.The latest in salwar kameez coz our college had a strict policy for anything above knee length or pants of any sorts.

There was this tiny joint outside our college famous for egg puffs and veg puffs and maybe chicken too.Half of the ladies from our college ate there.They would stand in the heat if they had to,but there was something about those puffs and cold drinks.It was just around the end of the road and the guys would come in their flashy bikes or few of them I guess borrowed cars for this joyous safari ride.You could see guys packed in cars.2 guys on a bike.Wearing Sunglasses,jeans,Tee's,etc.I guess like the girls,they too splashed a little dough on their t-shirts and jeans and not forgetting the cash for the diesel or petrol or whatever went into their rides.In that one hour of break ,you would see the same car and vehicles and the people in them circling so many times,you knew their number plates even.At that age,a smile from an older man or guy of weird sorts,all ,would bring glee in one's hearts and an automatic returnfire smile.

Come raksha Bandhan day,the traffic would be light.You wouldnt have road jams.A few guys who did still circle around,would make sure they were deaf for that day.It was peaceful actually.You could cross the road without wondering which guy's car you will come under coz his eyes arent on the road.I was amazed at how seriously this day was revered by the boys actually.I had a Rakhi brother too.He was a nice guy.We havent been in touch for years but he is a great guy.

Then we had Rose day.OMG,this day was actually a competetion.Every girl was your enemy.The girl who walked in with roses in her hand before she entered the college campus meant,she was considered hot by her many fans out there.No rose was too expensive,even if in the end,the guy threw that rose on a girl who didnt even see you ride away.I was actually intrigued and would actually observe with my girlfriend, who got how many.In the lunch break,the roads would be packed.There used to be hawaldars if im not mistaken to smoothen the traffic out.Back then I knew of 2-3 girls who almost every guy outside our campus had the hots for.They had good figures and wore clothes that showed their curves.They were slim,streaked their hair and had time to wear makeup.Oh,they would walk out,and the horns honked away,slight whistling here and there,lots of ogling and lots of pollution.Carbon monoxide expulsion was at its best this day.

Those were indeed good old fun days.Now, it takes an axe to the head or bucket of tears for that ogling,smiling to happen from the husband.I did have a neighbour who flashed me a charming smile every now and then ,but I never encouraged him at no point.Being the Bharatiya Nari that Iam,I couldnt give dhokha to my pati.(exceptions are dreams)

My husband does tease me or give me a naughty smile when we are in public,and i love that.But if I even mention that some guy,looked at me wrong for 2 secs,he transforms into ,no ! not a transformer,but into Yamraj.The dialogue will go like this,
" Kidher hai wo? Kaun hai wo? Tumne pehle kyu nahi bola? Kya kiya usne? {MEanwhile he is staring around like as if he has rabies,which actually scares the crap out of me}Kaun hai wo kamina,maa-der-chut,sharam nai athi...auratho ki koi izzat hi nai karta."

I know how angry he can get,he beat up 5 guys once and it  was a mess of cops and fines.And we were sort of dating at the time.Now I just cant let him do that.So I take care of myself.I give my Kaali Maa stare and yell in arabic and no one dare approach me.

Iam famished and have cooking to do and 2 hours to go before I break my fast.


  1. Ha. That brought back memories - including of the little shop! Sugarcane juice, Suzy, sugarcane juice! Now you've made me have a craving!!!

    I don't remember Rose day, though. Was I in blinkers?!

  2. welcome back Zubs..where have u been?

  3. I've been busy lately...I pop in and out but when I do pop online I do come and check out your blog.


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