Aug 12, 2010

First day Of Ramadan

I thought I would feel the pangs of hunger but for some reason,I didnt feel anything during the day.Maybe because I had a muscle spasm on half my buttock,I couldnt concentrate on anything but my half side.I gave tutions and thats when I started getting headaches.Come on,am used to drinking 6-8 mugs of black tea a day and not able to start off your day with one can be pretty ugly.I tend to get very snappy,irritated and If I lose my temper ,I just want to bite someone's head off.

Also,we had invited a couple of friends over and my husband cooked everything.I couldnt even run to the loo if I started dripping pee.He made pakodas of various vegetables and egg.He cooked kheema stuffed in karela with white rice.He made massar dal,made lassi.I felt so bad that I couldnt help him out but he loves to cook and cater to friends.They do the same for us ,so why not!

Now the kids,all they saw was I towering over their books and teaching them.And Uncle slogging in the kitchen.Within half an hour of their departure,both their parents called up to ask,what was being cooked and that he was slogging in the kitchen.No ,the kids didnt say that aunty couldnt move but she managed to teach anyhow but they felt sad for uncle,who was slaving away ,while aunty just sat in front of us.Its really strange,when men do something even a bit feminine,the world pities them coz they arent suppose to do so.We poor "aurate",never get that credit.Why? Its in a "by birth resume" that kitchen,babies,cleaning  is all part and parcel of womanhood anyway.

At 6:30pm,food was served,guests were seated,table laid and at the sound of Azaan,we ate a date with lassi and started having dinner.The food was fabulous but somehow after fasting for 16 hours,I couldnt eat a lot.Dinner was done,I got started with the major task of washing up,cleaning the whole kitchen down.My Kitchen is pretty small,so I cant just let the dishes be.They have to be washed and tucked into the cabinets,before anything more can be done.Since my husband did the cooking,there was a lot to clean up.But it took me only 30 mins,so no big deal. After that ,I served Jelly with cream and bananas.The one who enjoyed my dessert was 1 yr old Mohammad.The moment I flashed him my bowl,he put himself in reverse gear,climbed down the bed,came upto me and sat on my lap.He knows Aunty will keep it coming ,if Im in her lap.He was so happy with the jelly and bananas,he literally danced around me holding on to my shoulder.

Again I washed the dishes,made tea for my guests.Then they left.After that I changed cushion covers coz Mohammad fed himself and everything around him food dripping oil.I swept the carpet,wiped the furniture,put away all the vessels,took a shower and sat down.Somehow the butt pain had almost subsided.

Then my husband came in after his prayers,I made tea twice,he showered and went out.Then he comes back at midnight,I serve him dinner and I have tea again and he goes to sleep while I say awake,coz before the morning prayer ends,one has to eat and drink and basically stuff ,to avoid getting hungry later on in the day.We drink water only.

Now its 5:09 pm,and I have a bad headache.My tummy is growling and Im feeling very hungry.I cant sleep coz I never can sleep on a empty stomach.People usually sleep away to glory and wake an hour before opening fast and whip something up.But I finish my cooking in the afternoon itself coz I have tutions and then Im preparing snacks at the last minute.So thats why,Im blogging now.I cant seem to concentrate at all.I have a solid half an hour before I start doing anything in the kitchen coz we have yesterday's leftovers.

Oh ,I may watch "The A Team " today later on in the evening.My husband bought me the movie yesterday.He handed it over and said,it will make you happy.I love it when he does small things like this or rather i have learnt to appreciate these things and see them as signs of love and attention.The weekend is on,lets see what the night outings are going to be like.

Right now Im freezing cold.When you dont eat anything at all for long periods of time,your body I guess slows down everything.Im the kind of person who sweats while eating meat or drinking hot tea or having spicy food.Its like all my pores just unlock and ganga jamuna begin to flow,my cheeks go all pink on me.Its embarassing,coz many of my lady friends go like," Itni garmi lag rahi hai,tum tho pasina pasina ho gayi ho." What am I supposed to do,spray rexona over my face to avoid pespiration.

Husband just woke up,asked the time and went to sleep.Almost an hour more to go.Bye.

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