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A good yesterday !

Yesterday,we gave a treat to one of our friends.It was a barbeque party.A barbeque party is a great way of getting friends together,sitting around ,eating and talking about unrelated things.Sometimes nonsensical and sometimes just plain fun.There will 2 groups.One who are sitting around the person making the bbq and the others who are watching from a distance waiting for refills and laughing among themselves over totally unrelated topics of any kind.

Now only those who give BBq parties,know how much work goes into organising everything.Its not getting up one morning and throwing meat over the grill to be cooked.The meat has to be minced,masalas of the right kind and amount have to be added,the meat has to be worked on for a while before leaving it aside for marinating.If what you've prepared turns out horrible or not that palatable,you're looking at money and time and respect wasted in front of your eyes.The last thing you want to see is someone rolling their eyes in disgust and doing a bad job of hiding it.Like the BBQ pros say,not everyone is able to do it.It takes experience and good knowledge of the meat and the masalas to get a good BBq going.

It takes my husband approximately 4 hours to prepare the meat before leaving it aside for marinating.Then applying the meat on the seekh or the kabab sticks is another feat in tiself.Do you know if the meat isnt prepared properly,the whole kabab will just fall off the seekhs into the fire.Even the fat content of the meat has to be considered,too much fat melting off and the fire just burns in all directions causing nuisance and horrid odour.People add many things to keep the kababs from falling down but not my husband and the BBQ fan club he belongs to.They use precise amounts of everything and sometimes im like its just not worth all that effort when some loser friend without any conscience,just blurts out That they are not good at all.Usually,they are people who dont know the basics of it.You dont like what you're eating,shut it.The person in friont of you has struggled for hours to get it right.At least,do the honourable thing of breaking it politely to someone.Tell it to the host some other day,not while they are sweating,running around trying to make sure that all are catered well.

I didnt even come to the part of the washing up that follows after such events.Washing each and every seek, so that there's no sign of fat on any,washing the metal box on which they are made,the clothes that smell like meat fat and burnt coal,washing up all the containers and the dishes you served in.Also making sure there are enough plates, water, spoons, ketchup, chutney, bread, roti, tea,soft drinks,soap,water supply for drinking and washing up,mats to sit on,cradboard pcs to air the fire,coal pcs,matches,tissue boxes,etc. The list is endless.Organising a successful BBq from scratch is tough but the reason my husband and I make a fuss of it,is we like treating people.Ultimately when all are happy,so are we.

A few months ago,I had a falling out over such attitude problem of a friend.Her complaint was that I didnt give her time.I didnt talk much and seemed lost in my own world.Yeah right ! In middle of attending to her husband and children and her royal highness and another 2 families,I didnt take a time out.I played with the kids,I served,refilled,fed and all and i get what ! That I wasnt a good host.A couple of days later,when the topic was rehashed again,I blurted out that she was never to be given  BBQ treat again.Not unless she tried giving one.Its easy to be that old hag who just doesnt find anything satisfactory.Like In- laws,no matter what you do,it aint as perfect as they would have had it.

Anyway,the family that we treated yesterday,they were totatlly content and happy.Uncle was pleased,he is an expert in BBQ himself and aunty and the kids and some few other friends were absolutely delighted.Aunty kept telling my husband that her "beti" (me) was a good girl and she was so happy by my hospitality.I was on cloud nine.


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