Aug 16, 2010


Today the show On "The Doctors" was about longevity.What is the secret of long life? And every centenarian said,that the key was Happiness.Yeah ! it sounds so cliche' but there is truth to it alright.When you have done what you could and when you could,you come to a point when you dont want to dare yourself to doing something exhilarating.Especially when you're past 80 yrs old.

Some pointers were,being surrounded by friends and family.A happy family and happy friends.A good social network at home or outside leads to good life experiences.Eating a handful of nuts 4 times a  week,be it a kid or adult is good for the body and also a key to longevity.A couple giving time to one another without interfernce every now and then is a key to happy marriage and so good life.HAving family dinners or meals together as family is good as it leads to people eating less,conversing more and therefore being a part of each and everyone's life.Women tend to live 10 - 15 yrs more than men.Because of the hormone estrogen and XX chromosomes.

Eating chocolate that contains 70% cocoa or more is good for the heart.Lindt makes good ones.Dark chocolates arent that great.They cant compete with milk chocolates but then I have learnt to prefer healthy substitutes with the dawn of aging.

Natural exercise was also considered a major point.Natural exercise meaning going for long walks in parks,in open areas or hiking.Something that involves you and nature and not a 60 kg metal machine in between.

Thats all I have now coz my aunty called me in between and I landed chatting up with her and the show finished.

Bye !

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  1. "by birth resume" that kitchen,babies,cleaning is all part and parcel of womanhood anyway........

    I know!! By birth resume…..ya...…makes my blood boil all this naa-insaafi


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