Aug 14, 2010

Ramadan Day 4

LAtely,after opening fast,I have been eating a lot.Every time I put a morsel into my mouth ,I keep wondering if this will add some pounds on me.I did lose a little weight a while ago and I plan on continuing to do so.Its given me this mild will power to keep my weight on check.Gaining even half a kg would throw all efforts into the loo.

Today,my husband will open his fast at work and Im left on my own to open at home.I plan on something simple.Some instant noodles with eggs and ham,some water melon,and tea with muffins.My husband is a foodie and when he is at home,he tends to fry tons of things and then I find it too hard to resist.

I didnt even know today was a saturday and I have been waiting for the kids to drop in like forever.This is the second time I have lost count of the days.Since my husband works on weekends as well ,I have totally lost touch with what date and day it is.

3 more hours to go and Im feeling a bit hungry.ANd am having a headache.I wish I could just fall asleep but since Im the napping a lot kind,I have no choice but to be awake and feel my body asking for food.

I probably may cook dal and rice in the evening.Lets see,right now I just cant think of food.And since food is whats on my mind,I cant think of anything else.

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