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Dal Khichdi

Dal Khichdi is a fabulous dish and a complete meal on its own.I prepare it very rarely because khichdi is normally made when someone is ill.But I just love it.I had khichdi as kid but that was million years ago and don't remember how it used to taste back then.But my bengali friend once made khichdi for lunch in india back in my college days and I happened to taste it there.It was a mouth watering dish made with ghee and spices and all.Yummy!

Today I watched Chef Harpal Singh recipe and made it for lunch and even my hubby ate it and loved it.I was missing on ghee,tej patta,curry patta but even then it came out great.Make sure you have the ingredients,out here,getting these means going out to the supermarket and isnt available just about everywhere.

Ingredients :

2 cups of rice ( I used basmati)

1 cup of masoor dal ( can use chana,moong with chilka or without,toor dal too)

Soak the rice and dal together after washing it thoroughly for at least 30 minutes.

Meanwhile,chop finely 6 cl…

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Kitchen tips

What I have noticed over the years is women,do not share their best kitchen secrets with everyone.It could be a recipe or some miracle cleaning tip or some short cuts in cooking.Usually ,they would go like," You will learn eventually as you get better in the kitchen.",What they mean to say is," you want to be better,then do it yourself,Make mistakes,Hell can freeze over  before I just tell you all the secrets to the trade especially when I had to learn it the hard way."

Sometimes when I'm doing finding something difficult or appear tired,my in law goes," I had it harder.I had to do it like this and like that plus I also had to do this and that and that and this."I know she thinks we women or people have it much much easier than they had it,million years ago.But we cant change anything  as they were born then,and we were born in the age of the hippies.

But thanks to the Internet,everything is practically available at our fingertips.All we have to do no…